Wisconsin Port Worker

Wisconsin’s marine freight system is a tremendous asset for both a strong economy as well as a healthy environment in the state. Research coming out of the National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is helping multiple organizations and agencies target priority projects as they create and implement plans for the state’s freight infrastructure and economic development. Top among the priority projects identified were the state’s Marine Highways as well as repairs and upgrades to key ports.

Route Comparison Truck vs. Marine Options

The WCPDI report demonstrates that Wisconsin shippers can save money by taking advantage of the state’s maritime highways or by using a combination of truck and ship-based transportation. For example, moving shipping containers along the Lake Michigan coastline has the potential to remove trucks from the congested Interstate Highways of I-41, I-43, and I-94 and reduce costs.

“One of the things our research demonstrates is that our Marine Highway system is vital to supporting the growth we will be seeing in freight across Wisconsin over the next two decades and beyond,” said Ernest Perry, PhD, CFIRE researcher and Principal Investigator of the Wisconsin Commercial Ports Development Initiative (WCPDI). “Investments in our Marine Highways and our ports benefit our state in a number of ways from creating high-value jobs to mitigating the environmental effects of moving freight. Our data show that this is a great place to focus if we’re interested in supporting our manufacturers, producers, and shippers.”

Recently, the WCPDI released its report, “Leveraging our Comparative Advantage, Phase II: Identification and Development of Wisconsin Port Market Scenarios.” Taking a phased approach, the initiative has the goal of increasing freight movement and developing logistics at Wisconsin commercial ports. With this development, the state will see increases in employment and economic development. Additionally, the initiative is creating opportunities for increased cooperation and collaboration among the ports within the state and with ports in neighboring states.

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Conclusions of UW Transportation Research Playing Out in Global Supply Chain Platform

November 16, 2016

An innovative approach that transforms a negative into a positive for Wisconsin manufacturers and producers substantiates findings in research completed by the Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE) at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Simply put, geography is an issue for Wisconsin shippers wishing to utilize intermodal rail—rail combined with other transportation modes […]

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UW-Superior Transportation Day for Girl Scouts

August 22, 2016

Consortium member, the Transportation and Logistics Management Research Center at the University of Wisconsin–Superior has hosted its second successful Transportation Day for Girl Scouts. By partnering with a local council of the Girl Scouts, Dr. Richard Stewart, the center’s director, has developed the day-long event that brings elementary and middle-school-aged girls to the UW–Superior campus […]

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TMP Student Projects Provide Planning Tool for Cities and a Survey of Drone Uses

July 8, 2016

A tool with real-world applications for city planners as well as a robust survey of drone technologies were the highlights of the Spring 2016 end-of-semester symposium of the Transportation Management and Policy (TMP) program. The students presented their work on May 6th to a gathering of interested staff, faculty, other students, and a representative of […]

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GIS Offers Powerful Insights for Researchers Hoping to Guide Transportation Policy

May 20, 2016

Several CFIRE projects were used to illustrate unique uses of Geographical Information System (GIS) data for a diverse group of people at the 2016 UW-Madison Geospatial Summit. The annual event brings together people interested in using GIS data in a wide range of fields. Ben Zietlow shared several case studies from a variety of research […]

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Adams Receives S.S. Steinberg Award from ARTBA

January 6, 2016

CFIRE Executive Director Teresa Adams has been selected to receive the 2015 S.S. Steinberg Award by the American Road and Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA). The S.S. Steinberg Award, named for the founding president of the ARTBA Research and Education Division (RED), recognizes an individual who has made important contributions to education, academia, the construction industry, and […]

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You’re Invited: Wisconsin Transportation Reception

December 1, 2015

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