The presentations from the 2014 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium are now available for viewing and downloading.

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Adams Comments on Automated Vehicles

September 2, 2014

CFIRE Executive Director Teresa Adams recently commented on automated and driverless vehicle technology in Madison’s Cap Times. In a recent interview, Adams explained that limitations of the radar and lidar (light-sensing radar) systems on these cars will make navigating in high-congestion and less-regulated areas (think crowded parking lots) a high bar for autonomous cars to clear […]

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Strategies for Increasing Use of Existing Transportation Infrastructure

August 28, 2014

The construction and maintenance of new infrastructure is not always the best way of confronting congestion. In many cases, it is much less expensive to design policies that shift traffic to underutilized infrastructure. The Getting the Goods without the Bads: Freight Transportation Demand Management Strategies to Reduce Urban Impacts (CFIRE 07-02) project, led by CFIRE […]

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Estimation of Road Friction through Lab Results

August 27, 2014

Proper pavement texture is crucial to prevent road accidents, especially in wet conditions, but there are currently no minimum friction requirements in US road design. This is due mostly to the cost and difficulty of direct friction measurement that would be needed to confirm such requirements. This project proposes that friction, as well as noise […]

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Satellite Sensors Improve NO2 Detection

August 26, 2014

Advances in satellite technologies have led to improved estimates of air pollution emissions. In the United States, ground-level instruments are expensive, and typically limited to urban areas. However, air emissions from truck and rail are significant in rural areas, away from existing monitors. Satellite-mounted instruments have been used to measure changes in emissions, from expanding […]

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Wisconsin Ports Week

August 26, 2014

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has declared August 18-24 as “Ports Week.” For more information, consult the press release and the proclamation.

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New Coatings Resist Corrosion in Pre-Stressed Concrete

August 25, 2014

Many construction projects use “pre-stressing” in their concrete sections, where steel strands are placed in tension before allowing concrete to set around them. When the tension is removed, the steel strands retain their strained shape and the concrete gains considerable compressive strength. Concrete cracks, however, expose the strands to corrosive compounds like salt and the […]

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