June 2009

Computing in Civil Engineering Award

Adams photoThe Computing in Civil Engineering Award recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution in the use of computers in the practice of civil engineering.

The 2009 Computing in Civil Engineering Award is presented to Teresa M. Adams, Ph.D., F.ASCE, for her contributions to computing in Civil Engineering, specifically the use of position-based information to model transportation facilities and systems. Teresa Adams is a national leader in directing and obtaining funding for both the Wisconsin Transportation Center and the National University Transportation Center for Freight Infrastructure Research and Education. She has received financial support for research and for the establishment and maintenance of centers that support education and outreach. In doing so she has brought significant resources to bear on problems of interest to ASCE, to TCCIT, and to the computing community. Teresa has also been recognized by ASCE and by TCCIT for serving on committees and for serving in committee and conferences leadership roles. She has been the secretary, vice chair, and chairperson of the Executive Committee of the TCCIT. Teresa has also served on numerous TCCIT committees including the education committee, the database and information management committee, and the artificial intelligence and expert systems committee.

Finally she has been recognized by the Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering through its best paper award for having submitted an outstanding paper and also for serving as a member of its editorial board. Additionally, she has also served as the editor or associate editor for two of its Computing in Civil Engineering Congress proceedings.

Teresa’s journal publications illustrate how effectively and how broadly she has had an impact on the use of computers in the practice of civil engineering. Teresa’s work has and continues to touch upon a variety of computing areas including neural networks, fuzzy systems, and expert systems; spatial data; Geographic Information Systems; data integration; and object oriented data modeling.

Teresa was recognized today in Austin for the award during the 2009 ASCE International Workshop on Computing in Civil Engineering.