June 2015

RIC Summit Program CoverThe presentations, photographs, and other materials from the Next Generation Transportation for a Sustainable Future summit are now available.

This summit brought together a group of expert panelists and engaged attendees from across and outside the transportation research field to consider how to create a culture of sustainability and how to focus transportation research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to support such a culture. Four roundtable discussions, as well as addresses from UW College of Engineering Dean Ian Robertson, CFIRE Executive Director Teresa Adams, professional engineer Kenneth Voigt, and CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg provided a wide array of viewpoints and ideas about transportation and sustainability.

Visit the Summit page for more information.

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) recently published the proceedings of a December 2014 conference that explored the trends in freight transportation and economic competitiveness, as well as global business models and supply chains. Sessions addressed modal perspectives on supply chains, transportation system resiliency, transportation and energy sector developments, and global freight supply-chain issues. 

CFIRE researchers presented a poster entitled “Visualizing the Role of Intermodal Terminals on the Primary Freight Network: Uncovering Data Gaps for Systems Analysis” that outlined the challenges for creating an inventory of intermodal terminals in the Midwest as part of the Mid-America Freight Coalition Regional Freight Study (RFS).