Design, Materials, and Construction Processes for Highway, Harbor, and Rail Infrastructure

Chair: Dr. Michael Oliva, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Members Organization
Scot Becker WisDOT
Sue Lane FHWA
Louis Triandafilou FHWA
Calvin Schrage National Steel Bridge Alliance
Hani Titi UW Milwaukee
Gary Whited UW Construction and Materials Support Center
Roger Becker Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute


Maintaining, improving or expanding the physical infrastructure of freight transportation systems forms the basis of all activities in freight management. Recent interviews with trucking, rail, and shipping industry identified many deficiencies in infrastructure throughout our national highway network. Specific identified infrastructure improvements or conditions included: pavement conditions, deteriorating highway bridges, rail and rail bridges that cannot carry industry standard weights at reasonable speeds, and waterways that are losing market share due to inefficient lock and dam systems. The objective for development work in this area is not only to sustain existing freight movement, but to improve facilities for future freight demands. The activities in this signature area will focus on highways, railways, bridges, harbor facilities, and intermodal combinations. Topics in this area include: sustainable construction methods, durability, rapid construction or repair, security, construction productivity and contracting methods, and impact of increasing freight loads on facilities.

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