Energy and Environment

Chair: Dr. Tracey Holloway, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Members Organization
Patricia Trainer WisDOT
David Jolicoeur FHWA
Paul Meier UW Energy Institute
Ruth Scotti BP Biofuels
Mark Vonderembse University of Toledo
Cheryl Newton Midwest Clean Diesel Initiative USEPA
Lloyd Eagan Wisconsin DNR


There is significant demand for assessment of the impacts of different modes of transportation in areas such as air and water quality, land use, and wildlife. The impact of our freight transportation systems on climate change and the understanding of climate change on the transportation network are also potential research subjects. The Center will use faculty expertise in engineering, air quality and public health to address these important concerns. As with all forms of transportation the increasing costs of petroleum based fuels and the potential environmental impact of petroleum based fuels leads to questions of sustainability. The study of alternative fuels, while not a primary focus for the center, will be considered in this signature area.

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