University of Alabama at Huntsville

The reach of the University of Alabama-Huntsville’s CFIRE affiliation is spread around the university. With connections to the Civil Engineering and Industrial and Systems Engineering Departments, as well as the College of Business Administration’s Office of Freight, Logistics, and Transportation housed in Center for Management and Economic Research, the UAH operations represents a sound integration of business analytics into public-sector freight research.

UAH has developed a specialty in taking federal databases and calibrating them by using local industry knowledge to create freight forecasts. UAH researchers have incorporated local industry sector knowledge into commonly used federal datasets like the Freight Analysis Framework to take a value-added approach to publicly available information. The state of Alabama has frequently been used in UAH projects to demonstrate the potential applications of data integration at other small and larger scales throughout the country. By calibrating the large aggregate database of FAF to local needs and knowledge, UAH researchers are redefining future freight travel demand forecasting.

Research Initiatives

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-06 Realigning Multimodal Freight Networks in Response to International Capacity Expansion
RI-07 Enhancing Rail Connectivity to Underserved Rural Communities
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