University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois-Chicago’s (UIC) Urban Transportation Center (UTC) specializes in freight demand modeling and freight city logistics. As part of a larger organizational framework that encompasses transit planning research, work on transportation funding and financing, and other areas, the UTC is capable of offering a multitude of resources to provide a comprehensive research perspective.

The UTC has carved out a niche in studying and analyzing intermodal freight transportation systems with a particular emphasis on freight policy analysis, economic and land use impact assessments, and freight modeling. Faculty and staff have expertise in freight demand modeling, best displayed in the UTC’s development of the Freight Activity Microsimulation Estimator (FAME) model being used in several regional studies. Their city logistics expertise, rooted in the application of technology and other solutions to establish efficient and environmentally sound freight systems, is unique to the industry. Examples of city logistics solutions include freight villages, intelligent transportation systems, delivery time and route regulations, truck design improvements, and institutionalization of freight planning.

The UTC is affiliated with the Department of Urban Planning and Policy’s Master’s and Ph.D. program and the specialization in urban transportation. A variety of departments throughout the university offer transportation courses that students can take to bolster their knowledge. Courses like Principles of Computational Transportation Science, Economic Analysis of Public Expenditures, and Advanced Transportation Demand Analysis showcase the diverse research and education capabilities of UIC.

Research Inititatives

RI-06 Realigning Multimodal Freight Networks in Response to International Capacity Expansion
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