University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi’s (USM) Center for Logistics, Trade, and Transportation (CLTT) provides a competitive advantage to Gulf Coast industry and government agencies through its multidisciplinary research approach. The CLTT encompasses the movement of goods and people (logistics) through the most efficient means (intermodal transportation) to achieve economic development (trade).  USM and the CLTT integrate their established expertise in economic development with applied logistics to approach transportation research from a freight-based economic development perspective.

The CLTT is committed to the international perspective focused on freight issues throughout the Americas. This commitment is reinforced with memoranda of understanding between USM and Panamanian universities to integrate the planned expansions of the Panama Canal and the Mississippi State Port into CLTT research objectives. In addition, CLTT’s strong relationships with private sector stakeholders throughout the Gulf region strengthen research impacts upon publication.

The CLTT offers a Master of Science in Logistics, Trade and Transportation. Courses are delivered in a variety of formats. The traditional classroom experience is augmented with online and executive/hybrid course offerings to allow practitioners the ability to continue work while pursuing a degree.

Research Initiatives

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-06 Realigning Multimodal Freight Networks in Response to International Capacity Expansion
RI-07 Enhancing Rail Connectivity to Underserved Rural Communities
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