University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s (UWM) Center for Urban Transportation Studies (CUTS) shares its strengths in travel demand forecasting and pavement and bridge design with the CFIRE consortium. While CUTS offers a full palette of transportation research specialities outside the freight industry, they have long been identified as a worldwide leader in freight forecasting.

CUTS offers a well-rounded approach to freight transportation research. Its versatile faculty have published research on a variety of issues like hazardous materials routing, urban and rural truck forecasting, intermodal facility location theory, and geotechnical engineering. Coupled with the research efforts is a strong commitment to outreach and public involvement. CUTs is involved with UWM School of Extensions outreach programs. CUTS also aids the UWM Parking and Transit Office and their campus transportation programs to ensure quality levels of service. The participation in the teaching of short courses and workshops, as well as the provision of assistace to other organizations with data retrieval services complete CUTS’s impacts on the greater transportation community.

Research Initiatives

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-03 Non-Destructive Technologies for Monitoring and Condition Assessment to Support Safety, Maintenance Programming, and Cost Allocation
RI-08 Beneficial Use of Dredging Materials from Harbors and Channels
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