University of Wisconsin-Superior

The University of Wisconsin-Superior’s Transportation and Logistics Research Center (TLRC) has deep regional freight planning expertise in the water and rail modes. Freight using the Great Lakes requires the interdisciplinary perspective that UW-Superior has developed. The TLRC has increased their reach and impact in conjunction with the University of Minnesota-Duluth to form the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute (GLMRI). The GLMRI initiative has grown to become a collaboration of 11 affiliate universities to a myriad of comprehensive research perspectives on maritime freight.

The TLRC is dedicated to a comprehensive analysis of transportation and freight. This includes a complete understanding on a variety of topics including the geopolitical forces of bi-national freight programs, water quality, invasive species, and landside connections. The TLRC recognizes the complexity and interconnectivity of transportation issues and strives to communicate this complexity to its stakeholders. The impacts from TLRC research are significant, like the increase in Class I railroad service levels spurred by research in rural rail service.

The TLRC is a critical component of UW-Superior’s Transportation and Logistics Management major. Students majoring in transportation and logistics management learn the business of efficiently moving people, materials, and products. Students can focus on particular modes of transportation in addition to learning aspects of logistics management. The major is offered through the Business and Economics Department.

Research Initiatives

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-04 Mining Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) Data for Improved Vessel Trip Analysis Capabilities
RI-06 Realigning Multimodal Freight Networks in Response to International Capacity Expansion
RI-07 Enhancing Rail Connectivity to Underserved Rural Communities
RI-08 Beneficial Use of Dredging Materials from Harbors and Channels
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