CFIRE Management Committee

This committee provides overall guidance and strategic decision making for CFIRE. The committee includes one representative of each consortium partner. Two votes are assigned to the University of Memphis and three votes assigned to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Teresa Adams, as Center Director, calls and chairs meetings of the CFIRE Management Committee.

The CFIRE Management Committee clearly delineates roles and responsibilities for each consortium partner. At a minimum, partners collaborate on research opportunities, participate in technology transfer initiatives, support student activities, and engage freight stakeholders in Center efforts.

The CFIRE Management Committee consists of the following representatives from each of the CFIRE consortium’s member institutions:

  • Teresa Adams, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Chair)
  • Hani Titi, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Richard Stewart, University of Wisconsin-Superior
  • Rich Martinko, University of Toledo
  • Kazuya Kawamura, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Joan Chadde, Michigan Technological University
  • Martin Lipinski, University of Memphis
  • Mark Abkowitz, Vanderbilt University
  • Mike Anderson, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Chad Miller, University of Southern Mississippi

Each research project includes one member from this committee who serves as the CFIRE Management Committee Representative for that project. This representative works with the Project Coordinator for that project to ensure communication between the CFIRE Management Committee and the project’s research team.

Executive Advisory Committee

This committee provides recommendations to the Center Director on specific research awards. It considers research budget allocations, provides peer review for proposals, and prioritizes research projects and emerging needs. The EAC also provides valuable insight on channels for research dissemination and strategies for implementation. In addition, the committee provides external input to the Center’s general direction and helps identify key areas for future growth and research.

  • Daniel Yeh (Wisconsin DOT)
  • Dan Murray (ATRI)
  • Bob Fronczak (AAR)
  • Bill Gardner (Minnesota DOT)
  • Tom Marchessault (consultant)
  • Craig Philip (Ingram Barge)
  • Max Pietsch (Schneider National)
  • Keith Reardon (CN)

Project Coordinators

The Project Coordinator organizes the participating researchers of a particular project and reports back to the CFIRE Management Committee representative for that project. The Project Coordinator is also responsible for disseminating information from the CFIRE Management Committee to the participating researchers. Each research project has at least one project coordinator; some have more than one.

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