CFIRE’s educational goal is fostering a multidisciplinary program of course work and experiential learning that reinforces the transportation theme of the Center. CFIRE promotes greater understanding of freight and intermodal systems in its traditional transportation engineering curriculum. This is accomplished by using the Transportation Management and Policy Graduate Certificate Program Curriculum to highlight freight-related projects. The STAR Associate Directors and Consortium Partner representatives each weave freight-focused activities into their courses.

CFIRE also promotes student and faculty excellence through its programs. Each year, the Center nominates one Student of the Year to be honored at the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting. CFIRE encourages students to compete in various fellowship programs including the FHWA’s Eisenhower Graduate Fellowship in Transportation and the Eno Transportation Fellowship. Faculty excel in research and have won many awards for their contribution to the transportation field.

Education is the core of academic institutions, and CFIRE continues to promote programs that foster transportation leaders for 21st Century transportation needs. Through course offerings, encouraging academic excellence in transportation, and promoting transportation curricula, CFIRE will continue to lead in fostering transportation professionals and scholars.

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