CFIRE’s outreach goal is to provide research results to potential users in a form that can be directly implemented, utilized or otherwise applied. Additionally, the Center fosters a culture of being active in the community and reaching out to the public.

CFIRE is involved with a number of outreach activities. During the past year, CFIRE hosted several workshops, conferences, and symposia. In addition, CFIRE publishes a quarterly newsletter that is distributed to over 4000 transportation professionals.

Staff and students of CFIRE are active participants in the Transportation Research Board. Most students submit  papers to be presented at the TRB Annual meeting. Many of those papers are selected publication in the Transportation Research Record, the Journal of the Transportation Research Board.

The staff and students of CFIRE are active participants in the academic and professional transportation community. They have attended various national conferences, and hosted others. CFIRE Director Teresa Adams continues to promote participation with the outside community in order to increase the public benefit of the Center.

Outreach is vital to the mission of CFIRE. As an academic institution, the Center ensures to communicate findings to other professionals and the public in order to enhance societal benefits of our funded research. In this way, the Center can promote better solutions to transportation problems and encourage dialogue among professionals and academics.

Recent Outreach News

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