CFIRE engages in innovative research with the aim of advancing freight knowledge to better meet current and future needs. CFIRE conducts research projects across a wide range of freight-related topics:

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-02 Making Freight-Centric Communities More Livable: Measuring the Impact of Advanced Technologies
RI-03 Non-Destructive Technologies for Monitoring and Condition Assessment to Support Safety, Maintenance Programming, and Cost Allocation
RI-04 Mining Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) Data for Improved Vessel Trip Analysis Capabilities
RI-05 Estimating the Effects of Extreme Weather on Transportation Infrastructure
RI-06 Realigning Multimodal Freight Networks in Response to International Capacity Expansion
RI-07 Enhancing Rail Connectivity to Underserved Rural Communities
RI-08 Beneficial Use of Dredging Materials from Harbors and Channels

Research at CFIRE is undertaken by an experienced and professional team of researchers from various disciplines and multiple institutions working in a collaborative manner in order to address our nation’s issues in sustainable freight transportation infrastructure and systems.

Recent Research News

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