Current Research

CFIRE Tier 1 UTC Projects

The research initiatives (RIs) listed in this section are funded under the auspices of the CFIRE Tier 1 University Transportation Center.

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-02 Making Freight-Centric Communities More Livable: Measuring the Impact of Advanced Technologies
RI-03 Non-Destructive Technologies for Monitoring and Condition Assessment to Support Safety, Maintenance Programming, and Cost Allocation
RI-05 Estimating the Effects of Extreme Weather on Transportation Infrastructure

CFIRE Generation I Projects

The projects listed below are funded under the auspices of the first generation of CFIRE.

Year 1

All Year 1 projects are complete.

Year 2

CFIRE 02-08 Traffic Management of Heavy Vehicles in Work Zones
CFIRE 02-25 Using Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) in Supply Chain Education
CFIRE 02-26 Using a Rail Simulator in Teaching Land Transportation
CFIRE 02-27 Writing a Land Transportation Textbook

Year 3

CFIRE 03-16 Enhancing Behavioral Realism of Urban Freight Demand Forecasting Models

Year 4

All Year 4 projects are complete.

Year 5

CFIRE 05-11 Warning System for Safety and Maintenance of Freight Railways
CFIRE 05-14 Preserving Vital Great Lakes Infrastructure: Assessment of Asset Management Activities in Great Lakes Ports

Year 6

CFIRE 06-07 The Use of Nanoporous Oxide Coatings on Steel Strand for Decreased Corrosion and Improved Adhesion

Year 7

CFIRE 07-09 Advancing Asphalt Mixture Design through Application of Planar Imaging Techniques and Asphalt Lubricity Testing to Improve Understanding of Effects of WMA on Mixture Workability

CFIRE Generation II Projects

The projects listed below are funded under the auspices of the second generation of CFIRE.

Year 8

CFIRE 08-04 Region V Transportation Workforce Assessment and Summit
CFIRE 08-06 Comparison of Fresh Concrete Air Content Methods & Analysis of Hardened Air Content in Wisconsin Pavements

Year 9

CFIRE 09-07 Understanding Time-of-Day Variation in Truck Transport and General Traffic Emissions: Guidance for Strategic Urban Air Quality Investments
CFIRE 09-09 Enabling On-line Logistics Services Auction Platform (OLSAP): Optimal Eco-Routing Strategies
CFIRE 09-17 Nationwide Best Practices to implement Freight Transportation Careers
CFIRE 09-20 Estimating the Future Agriculture Freight Transportation Network Needs due to Climate Change using Remote Sensing and Regional Climate Models

Mid-America Freight Coalition

MVFC 12 Critical Sections and Resiliency of Freight Corridors in the Mississippi Valley Region
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