Current Research

CFIRE Tier 1 UTC Projects

The research initiatives (RIs) listed in this section are funded under the auspices of the CFIRE Tier 1 University Transportation Center.

RI-01 A Multi-Modal Freight Safety, Security, and Environmental Routing Tool
RI-03 Non-Destructive Technologies for Monitoring and Condition Assessment to Support Safety, Maintenance Programming, and Cost Allocation

CFIRE Generation I Projects

The projects listed below are funded under the auspices of the first generation of CFIRE.

Year 1

All Year 1 projects are complete.

Year 2

CFIRE 02-08 Traffic Management of Heavy Vehicles in Work Zones
CFIRE 02-25 Using Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) in Supply Chain Education
CFIRE 02-26 Using a Rail Simulator in Teaching Land Transportation
CFIRE 02-27 Writing a Land Transportation Textbook

Year 3

All Year 3 projects are complete.

Year 4

All Year 4 projects are complete.

Year 5

CFIRE 05-11 Warning System for Safety and Maintenance of Freight Railways
CFIRE 05-14 Preserving Vital Great Lakes Infrastructure: Assessment of Asset Management Activities in Great Lakes Ports

Year 6

CFIRE 06-07 The Use of Nanoporous Oxide Coatings on Steel Strand for Decreased Corrosion and Improved Adhesion

Year 7

All Year 7 projects are complete.

CFIRE Generation II Projects

The projects listed below are funded under the auspices of the second generation of CFIRE.

Year 8

CFIRE 08-04 Region V Transportation Workforce Assessment and Summit
CFIRE 08-06 Comparison of Fresh Concrete Air Content Methods & Analysis of Hardened Air Content in Wisconsin Pavements

Year 9

CFIRE 09-07 Understanding Time-of-Day Variation in Truck Transport and General Traffic Emissions: Guidance for Strategic Urban Air Quality Investments
CFIRE 09-09 Enabling On-line Logistics Services Auction Platform (OLSAP): Optimal Eco-Routing Strategies
CFIRE 09-17 Nationwide Best Practices to implement Freight Transportation Careers

Mid-America Freight Coalition

MVFC 12 Critical Sections and Resiliency of Freight Corridors in the Mississippi Valley Region
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