Implementation of GPS Controlled Highway Construction Equipment – Phase II

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Final Report

Primary Investigator

Awad Hanna
Construction and Materials Support Center
University of Wisconsin – Madison
1415 Engineering Drive, 2314 EH
Madison, WI 53706


During 2006, WisDOT and the Construction Materials and Support Center at UW-Madison worked together to develop a specification and QC/QA procedures for GPS machine guidance on highway construction grading operations. These specifications and procedures are intended for incorporation in contracts on two to five pilot projects during the 2007 construction season.  The 2006 work, and the 2007 pilot projects, are the first two steps in a phased implementation plan that includes refinement of the specification and procedures after the 2007 pilots, additional pilots during 2008, and potential statewide implementation of optional GPS machine guidance for grading on 2009 contracts.

To be effective, the goals, objectives, and methods for data collection and analysis for the 2007 pilot projects must be well-articulated; the project sites must be carefully selected; and a set of deliverables and management plan for coordination of the effort must be developed.


The goal of the overall project during 2007 is to analyze the results of the pilot projects in order to refine the specification and field procedures developed during 2006, leading to additional pilot projects for 2008. The objectives of the overall project during 2007 are:

  1. Planning and conduct of two to five pilot projects that use GPS machine control for grading on WisDOT highway projects.
  2. Structured data collection and analysis of the pilot projects’ experiences.
  3. Application of the results of objective 2 to refinement of the specification and field procedures.


  1. Develop the project management team, largely based on the 2006 Advisory Group
  2. Select three pilot projects for 2007
  3. Characterize the pilot projects with respect to location, geographic extend, soil type, terrain conditions, availability and nature of project control points, GPS machine guidance technology, contractor’s and engineer’s experience, geometric complexity, and any special conditions
  4. Develop a plan to visit the site of each pilot project
  5. Conduct site visits
  6. Interim report
  7. Revisions to 2006 site specifications and field procedures
  8. Final report

Project Information

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Dates: February 1, 2007 – January 31, 2008
  • Budget: $38,825
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: CFIRE 02-12
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