Freight Corridor Performance in the Mississippi Valley Region

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Primary Investigator

Teresa Adams
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1415 Engineering Drive
2205 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706


FHWA’s Office of Freight Management and Operations, through a partnership with the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), has established a Freight Performance Measurement Program (FPM) to assess the performance of freight significant highways and US internation land boarder crossings. The end-goal of this program is to utilize these data and information to identify areas of significant freight congestion and bottlenecks and guide decision-making on future transportation improvement.

The FHWA Office of Freight Management and Operations and ATRI are seeking to partner with universities to determine how FPM data can be used to support the advancement of their program goal. In support of FHWA’s and ATRI’s efforts to advance the use of FPM data and information in the areas identified, UW-Madison will enter into an agreement with ATRI for the provision of data and information and technical support towards ongoing research in the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition.


To utilize FPM data to support ongoing and planned work related to the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalitions regional information clearinghouse.


  1. Establishment of agreements and data product dissemination.
  2. Prepare and submit to ATRI and FHWA a written summary case study/technical paper on the university’s use of FPM data products and information.

Project Information

  • Duration: 6 months
  • Dates: March 2009 – September 2009
  • Budget: $5,000
  • Student Involvement: One graduate student
  • Modal Orientation: Highway, Rail
  • Project ID: CFIRE 03-23
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