Air Cargo in the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition Region

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Primary Investigators

Jason Bittner
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1415 Engineering Drive, Rm 2205
Madison, WI 53706

Jeffery WarnerJeffrey Borowiec
Texas Transportation Institute
College Station, Texas 77843-3135


The growth in air cargo in conjunction with increasing roadway and airspace congestion in the metropolitan areas provides a rationale for assessing the air cargo business in the region. This will allow the research team to better understand the air freight system in the Midwest and to provide a basis for development of a long term strategic plan for accommodating air cargo demand. The project will also examine air freight’s impact on truck traffic and the regional transportation network.


The research objective is to better understand the operations and current activity levels of the air cargo industry in the Mississippi Valley Freight Coalition (MVFC) region in order to better accommodate state and local needs, provide for a more efficient transportation network, better utilize general aviation facilities, and provide for economic development across the region.


  1. Background and Preliminary Analysis
  2. Inventory of Existing Air Cargo Facilities
  3. Identification and Classification of Current Air Cargo Types
  4. Identification of Potential New Air Cargo Facilities and Locations/Regions
  5. Identification of the Role of General Aviation Airports (Cargo Relievers) in Accommodating Air Cargo Demand
  6. Identification of Existing and Potential MVFC Region Air Cargo Markets
  7. Workshop for State DOT and Aviation Planners
  8. Project Management and Reporting

Project Information

  • Duration: 20 months
  • Dates: September 1, 2010 – April 30, 2012
  • Budget: CFIRE: $20,000; WisDOT: $100,000; Total: $140,000
  • Student Involvement: Two graduate students and hourly assistants
  • Modal Orientation: Air
  • Project ID: CFIRE 04-11
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