Collaborating Toward the IT Highway: Linking Public and Private Investments in Intelligent Transportation Systems to Freight Flows and Supply Chain Performance

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Final Report

Primary Investigators

Rich Martinko
University of Toledo


This work will examine the collaborative effort of public and private  investments in ITS and how these investments impact freight flow system performance. Previous research has suggested benefits of implementing ITS, however few studies have developed metrics for the evaluation of system performance. In this study, metrics will be developed for system performance. Primary data will be collected from both public and private enterprises to examine performance outcome improvements gained by investing in ITS technology for freight. These outcomes will be analyzed to identify key success factors to leverage public and private investments in ITS for freight to further develop the system. It is envisioned that reporting quantified benefits from this work will support the collaboration of stakeholders in regions not currently using ITS to promote future investments in the system.


The objective of the proposed work is to fill a research gap by linking quantifiable results of public and private investments in intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technology to improvements in freight flows and SC performance. It is expected that results of this work will be valuable to government, organizations and researchers by evaluating investments in specific components of ITS technology and how these public and private investments are leveraged for optimal freight flow performance improvements. The main goal of this work is to identify transportation freight flow performance improvements from the use of ITS technologies to promote further development and use of ITS systems for freight movements.


  1. Validate ITS technology
  2. Survey instrument development and validation
  3. Distribution of final survey online
  4. Data collection and processing
  5. Calculation of data analysis and interpretation of results
  6. Complete reporting

Project Information

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Dates: 8/1/2014 – 7/31/2015
  • Budget: $89,502 (UTC funds) and $89,506 (match funds)
  • Student Involvement: Two graduate students
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: CFIRE 09-11
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