From the Ground Up – Aligning State Freight Plans to Enhance State Collaboration and Establish Regional and National Harmonization of Freight Priorities

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Final Report

Primary Investigator

Ernest Perry, PhD
Mid-America Freight Coalition
National Center for Freight & Infrastructure Research & Education
University of Wisconsin–Madison


This Freight Plan Alignment projects provides a review of MAFC state freight plans and current planning efforts to understand the scope of the planning efforts and where states share similar goals, common priority corridors across borders, and freight development efforts that can leverage a regional approach to freight planning. The federal recommendations and guidelines on freight planning will be reviewed as well. The project also identifies best practices in freight planning across the region.


The objectives of the research are to: maximize state sharing and benefits from collaborative freight planning, ensure MAASTO freight perspectives are reflected in National Freight planning, and provide a better understanding how greater collaboration can lead to greater regional and state transportation, logistics and economic development.

Project Information

  • Duration:
  • Dates: July 17, 2015 to July 16, 2016
  • Budget:
  • Student Involvement:
  • Modal Orientation: Highway, Rail, Air, Maritime
  • Project ID: MAFC 15
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