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Primary Investigators

Teresa Adams, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1415 Engineering Drive, 2205 EH
Madison, WI    53706
(608) 263-3175

Ernie Wittwer


This effort should build on an earlier effort by the MVFC to agree on broad concepts and prepare testimony for the National Surface Transportation Revenue and Policy Commission. That testimony, which was delivered in the spring of 2007 by Kirk Steudle (MDOT) and Teresa Adams (UW-Madison), raised a number of issues that should also be evaluated in the context of reauthorization:

  • Adequate investment in the total freight transportation system.
  • The need for a freight specific revenue source that can be used for both highway and non-highway infrastructure.
  • The need for strong national leadership in defining freight systems and investment policies.
  • The need for new institutional arrangements that will facilitate national transportation systems that cross state lines and include private interests.
  • The need for an integrated, multi-modal freight transportation system.
  • The need for a national rail policy.
  • The need to invest in maritime (Great Lakes and river) transportation facilities.
  • Performance measures were not discussed in the initial testimony, but the Commission work made it clear that the topic must be included.


  • Consent from the MVFC states on reauthorization positions relative to freight.
  • Brief papers documenting the agreed upon positions
  • Supporting materials that outline the positions taken and the rationale for each.


  1. Prepare and gain approval of a work plan.
  2. Identify an advisory/working committee made up of freight experts from the MVFC states. Representatives from each state will be solicited
  3. Identify liaisons from and with the MVC policy group. The goal will be to have one or two representatives from the freight community who will work closely with the policy group and one or two representatives of the policy group who will work closely with the freight group.
  4. Collect and synthesize materials from AASHTO, ARTBA, FHWA, Midwest Governors, etc.
  5. Based on initial conversations with members of the advisory/working group and synthesis of other efforts, identify specific issues to be considered by the MVFC. The starting point for developing this list will be the topics listed above under previous work.
  6. Develop short issue papers on each of the issues.
  7. Convene the advisory/working group and those policy group people who might want to participate at a convenient location (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis, or Indianapolis) to discuss issues and find common positions. (The project budget will support state travel for this meeting.)
  8. Document positions.
  9. Share positions with the Technical and Executive committees of the MVFC.
  10. Modify positions as needed.
  11. Share positions with the policy group for consideration by Board members.
  12. Finalize positions based on feedback from the Board members.
  13. Prepare supporting materials that clearly outline the positions taken and the rationale for those positions. This material will be short, one to two page, documents suitable for senior management and other senior policy makers.
  14. Monitor the reauthorization process with the MVC policy group.
  15. Revise positions as needed.

Project Information

  • Duration: 10 months
  • Dates: September 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009
  • Budget: $53,250
  • Modal Orientation: Multimodal
  • Project ID: MVFC 09
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