August 21-22, 2014 — Madison, Wisconsin

Conference Program

The FINAL agenda for the 2014 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium is now available.


Note: Presentations for the 2014 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium are available in PDF.

General Session

1-A Research: Research Programs and Practices

1-B Planning: Freight from a Local Perspective

1-C Traffic & Safety: Rural Safety Concerns

1-D Infrastructure: Design and Construction


2-A Traffic & Safety: Dealing with Mother Nature

2-B Planning: Innovations in Freight Data

2-C Infrastructure: Structures

2-D Infrastructure: Recycled Materials

3-A Infrastructure: Concrete

3-B Planning: Traffic Forecasting and Modeling

3-C Traffic & Safety: Drivers and Data

3-D Infrastructure: Railroads

4-A Infrastructure: Maintenance of Structures

4-B Planning: Freight Modeling

4-C Traffic & Safety: Roadway Factors

4-D Infrastructure: Asphalt

5-A Infrastructure: Maintenance & Asset Management

5-B Planning: Transportation and the Economy

5-C Infrastructure: Geotechnical

5-D Traffic & Safety: Improving Traffic Operations


The 2014 Mid-Continent Transportation Research Symposium is hosted by the Wisconsin Transportation Center and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and sponsored by the Institute for Transportation and the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Additional sponsors include the National Center for Freight and Infrastructure Research and Education (CFIRE), the Wisconsin Traffic Operations Safety Laboratory (TOPS), the Wisconsin Highway Research Program (WHRP), the Great Lakes Maritime Research Institute (GLMRI), the Recycled Materials Resource Center (RMRC), the Center for Transportation Research and Education (CTRE), and the Construction Materials Support Center (CMSC).