The University of Wisconsin-Madison leads a consortium of leading universities in the region to focus on the Optimization of Transportation Investment and Operations. The Midwest Regional University Transportation Center MRUTC focuses on research, outreach, and education in asset optimization and management techniques for transportation facilities.

Research — MRUTC has awarded 47 research projects across a wide range of areas focused on advancing the practice of Transportation Asset Management.

Outreach & Technology Transfer — Workshops on topics in asset management, maintenance quality assurance, deer-vehicle crash information, highway visibility, transportation security, freight transportation, library/information services, and diversity in transportation workforces have been held. The Center also supports the training of transportation professionals through short courses and distance learning.

Education — The MRUTC works with faculty and other transportation professionals from around the region to develop and offer courses that bring the subject of transportation asset management to students. The Center sponsors a graduate certificate in Transportation Management and Policy offered on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

The vision of the Center is that it will provide innovative changes that will be critical in leading the transportation community into the 21st century and beyond. The Center will provide benefits for the region’s state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) and consortium academic institutions. These benefits will include stakeholder positions on advisory groups, enabling the formation of a high quality research team or regional experts, leveraging available resources, and expanded partnerships among stakeholders.

Our academic partners are the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, University of Wisconsin–Superior, Northwestern University, University of Cincinnati, Marquette University, Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwa Community College, and Richard J. Daley College in Chicago.

The vision of the UTC is to:

  1. facilitate application and integration of private and public sector and academic intellectual talent within Region V;
  2. foster multi-campus, multi-disciplinary, and multi-state research;
  3. include selected diversity institutions such that they advance their programs and student interest within transportation;
  4. facilitate timely technology transfer using a variety of mediums such as videotapes, video conferences, Internet and more;
  5. assist public and private sector professionals to develop a comprehensive framework that considers the technical, financial, and political factors that affect investment decisions;
  6. educate current and future leaders who must understand the processes, tools and management techniques to optimize system benefit/cost performance.

The program will pool knowledge and resources available for existing asset optimization and management tools and, through research, develop and improve strategies for the implementation of these tools.

The entire MRUTC strategic plan is available in a 46 page, 166KB PDF file. You will need Adobe® Acrobat Reader (free) to view files in PDF format.

The MRUTC is one of ten regional University Transportation Centers (UTC’s) funded by the USDOT. The National Center for Metropolitan Transportation Research hosts a search engine that covers all of these UTC’s.

Our logo

MRUTC logo

The Midwest Regional University Transportation Center logo represents the six states of USDOT Region 5 through the six points at the ends of the center design area. The two black squares represent the academic interests of coursework and training outreach. Their eight collective sides represent the eight institutions of the consortium. The red circle at the center represents the Center’s primary research efforts, optimizing the cycle of transportation investments. The overall U and W shapes of the logo represent the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Center’s host institution. The logo was created by Rita Wittwer of Do Design.