MMQA Manual Revision

Description: Maintenance performance is measured and reported in terms of a Level of Maintenance (LOM), expressed as a letter grade A, B, C, D, or F. At the statewide level, a target LOM (A through C) is established for each of the MMQA+ activities. Each maintenance station divides each route for which it has responsibility into one or more segments. Following the guidelines in this manual, station personnel conduct inspections of each route segment, and record both the total number of features to be maintained within the activity subgroup on the segment, and the total number of deficient features. The inspection data are entered into the MMQA+ software, which calculates a LOM (A through F). Once the data are entered, the software can be used to print reports that help maintenance managers at all levels to effectively manage the resources at their disposal.

Submitted by: Vincent Liu
File: MMQA Manual Revision 09052007