Pavement Preservation: Design and Construction of Quality Preventive Maintenance Treatments (NHI Course #131103)

Description: In preventive maintenance, the types of treatments and the timing of their applications provide highway agencies with a very broad range of life-extending treatment techniques and enable agencies to achieve their goals of enhancing pavement performance in a cost-effective and efficient manner while meeting their customers’ need for an improved level of service. Obtaining optimum value from preventive maintenance treatments is only possible when preventive maintenance activities are fully linked to a pavement management system. This course targets those field personnel involved in constructing preventive maintenance treatments, including both buying agency’s inspectors and the contractors’ foremen and field crews. It contains modules on all of the categories of preventive maintenance treatments in widespread use today, focusing on the best practices for designing and constructing those treatments. It also addresses troubleshooting construction practices, so that participants can clearly identify the results of poor construction practices.

provider: FHWA
location: National
additional documents: Preservation [Design & Construction of Quality Preventive Maintenance Treatments] NCI 131103.pdf