Pontis Bridge Management

Description: Pontis is a computer software program, owned and licensed by AASHTO, designed to assist bridge managers and practitioners in analyzing bridge data to predict future bridge conditions and needs, determine optimal policies, and recommend projects and schedules within budget and policy limitations. The course covers entering and editing inspection data, developing a bridge preservation policy, performing bridge network level analyses, developing bridge projects, running Pontis and Infomaker reports, and refining Pontis results. The course focuses on an agency’s business process steps, key concepts of bridge management and their application to Pontis, using the software, instructor demonstration exercises, and practical student exercises. Each participant will receive a participant notebook. Six laptop computers containing the PONTIS 4.3 software and sample training database are furnished by the NHI for use in the training course.

provider: FHWA
URL: http://www.nhi.fhwa.dot.gov/training/course_detail.aspx?num=FHWA-NHI-134056&num=&cat=134000&key=&loc=&sta=&tit=&typ=&lev=&ava=&str=&end=&drl=