Asset Management Pooled Fund

Asset Management Pooled Fund Research Program [TPF-5(036)]

This pooled fund is now closed. Read the Final Report.

To enable participating states to leverage limited resources in an ongoing program of synthesis, research and analysis to facilitate implementation of asset management. The intent is to supplement current national asset management research efforts of the MRUTC, prevent duplicity of existing efforts, and provide a means for regional state DOTs to share resources, technology and ideas in a coordinated environment.

To participate, states must sign and return the MOU and Commitment Form .

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Projects awarded through the Pooled Fund:

  • CFIRE 03-07: Developing a Local Roads Website Compendium of Best Practices
  • CFIRE 03-08: Freight Model Improvement Project for ECWRPC
  • 08-10: Scoping Data Access and Integration Needs to Facilitate Better Management of Research Innovation
  • 08-07: Guidelines for the Implementation of the Bridge Health Index ($50,329)
  • 07-24: Assessing and Interpreting the Benefits Derived from Implementing and Using Asset Management Systems
  • 0092-07-14: Guidelines for the Preventative Maintenance of Bridges ($50,000)
  • 07-12: Estimating Cost Per Mile for Routine Highway Operations and Maintenance ($40,626)
  • 07-09: Asset Management and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs)
  • 06-01: Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange – Synthesis of Measures ($20,000)
  • 06-02: Documenting Training Opportunities Related to Transportation Asset Management ($40,476)
  • 05-05: Use of Functional Silos to Optimize Agency Decision Making ($111,375)
  • 05-04: Accelerated Construction Decision-Making Process for Bridges (portion) ($20,000) (Ohio DoT)
  • 05-02: Vehicle Classification from Single Loop Detectors (portion) ($20,000) (Ohio DoT)
  • Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange and Workshop ($102,000+)
  • 05-01: Transportation Asset Management Threshold Levels ($116,360)
  • Support and Administration of the 5th National Transportation Asset Management Conference ($55,000)
  • 04-01: GIS Tool to Measure Performance of Winter Highway Operations (portion) ($45,000)
  • 04-02: System Management and Monitoring-Providing a Continuous, Real-Time Evaluation of the Columbus Metropolitan Freeway Management System (portion) ($109,842)
  • 04-04: Incorporating Road Safety into Pavement Management: Maximizing Surface Friction for Road Safety Improvements (portion) ($58,260)
  • 03-01: Capital Preventative Maintenance ($81,403)
  • 03-02: Synthesis of Best Practices for Data Integration (portion) ($35,000)
  • Short Course on Incorporating Operations & Maintenance into the Design of Transportation Facilities ($28,972)


With the assistance of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as the lead state, the MRUTC established the Transportation Asset Management Pooled Fund Research Program, FHWA approved pooled fund number TPF-5(036), in early 2002. Currently six states participate in the Pooled Fund: Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Wyoming, and Missouri.

The Transportation Asset Management Pooled Fund Research Program is a coordinated and comprehensive approach to recognizing and addressing needs in the area of transportation asset management. It will consist of an on-going, collaborative effort among states to identify, prioritize, and pursue a coordinated program of synthesis, research, and evaluation to guide implementation of asset management.

As a business process and decision-making framework, asset management provides a means to demonstrate the sound investment decisions that are demanded of transportation agencies. Since every state possesses transportation assets and each state must be accountable to taxpayers who are demanding returns on transportation investments, it is imperative that we develop tools, processes, and understanding to help improve the decisions and management process used by transportation agencies. Defining common management strategies, systems and tools will require research, training, and technology transfer.

The first project of the pooled fund was focused in the area of Capital Preventative Maintenance. Project 03-01 is available on the Center website:

The MRUTC partners with the Midwest Transportation Consortium at Iowa State to work on the pooled fund. The further development of transportation asset management short courses will also be facilitated through the Pooled Fund.

Participating States:
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Michigan Department of Transportation
Ohio Department of Transportation
Georgia Department of Transportation
Missouri Department of Transportation
Wyoming Department of Transportation

View the Most Quarterly Report (June 2011)