Completed Research

Year 1 Research Projects:

  • 01-01: Synthesis of National Transportation Asset Management Practices
  • 01-02: Evaluation of Near Transportation Private Sector Asset Management Practices
  • 01-03: Evaluation of Transportation Outsourcing: Decision Making Criteria for Outsourcing Opportunities

Year 2 Research Projects:

  • 02-01: Optimal Resource Allocation For The Purchase Of New Buses And The Rebuilding Of Existing Buses As A Part Of A Transit Asset Management Strategy For State DOTs
  • 02-02: Develop a Multi-objective Decision Support Framework for Transportation Investments
  • 02-03: Optimizing Transportation Investments Within the Lac Courte Oreilles (LCO)/Sawyer County (SC) Transit System
  • 02-04: Long-Range Optimal Deployment of ITS Strategies: Concept Definition
  • 02-05: Best Practices for linking strategic planning to resource allocation and implementation decisions using elements of a transportation asset management program (Approved October 2001)
  • 02-06: Evaluation of Shipper Requirements and Potential Cargo Required to Establish a Rail-Truck-Marine Intermodal Terminal in the Twin Ports of Superior, Wisconsin and Duluth, Minnesota (Approved October 2001)

Year 3 Research Projects:

  • 03-01: Capital Preventative Maintenance (Transportation Asset Management Research Program Pooled Fund)
  • 03-02: Synthesis of Best Practices for the Development of an Integrated Data and Information Management Approach
  • 03-03: A Regional Traffic Simulation/Assignment Model for Evaluation of Transit Performance and Asset Utilization

Year 4 Research Projects:

  • 04-01: GIS Tool to Measure Performance of Winter Highway Operations
  • 04-02: Providing a Continuous, Real-Time Evaluation of the Columbus Metropolitan Freeway Management System
  • 04-03: Infrastructure Management Decision-Making with Condition Data Generated by Remote Sensors: A Time Series Framework
  • 04-04: Incorporating Road Safety into Pavement Management: Maximizing Surface Friction for Road Safety Improvements
  • 04-05: Optimal and Near-Optimal Resource Allocation for Transportation Infrastructure Protection

Year 5 Research Projects: Approved April 2004

  • 05-01: Transportation Asset Management Threshold Levels (Transportation Asset Management Pooled Fund)
  • 05-02: Vehicle Classification from Single Loop Detectors
  • 05-03: Business and Site Specific Trip Generation Methodology for Truck Trips
  • 05-04: Accelerated Construction Decision-Making Process for Bridges
  • 05-05: Use of functional silos to optimize agency decision making (approved July 2004)

Year 6 Research Projects:

  • 06-01: Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange – Synthesis of Activities (Transportation Asset Management Pooled Fund)
  • 06-02: Documenting Training Opportunities Related to Transportation Asset Management (Transportation Asset Management Pooled Fund)
  • 06-03: Rail to Truck Modal Shift: Impact of Increased Freight Traffic on Pavement Maintenance Costs
  • 06-04: Development of a Guide to Statistics for Maintenance Quality Assurance Programs in Transportation
  • 06-05: Meaningful Use of Collected Local Roads Data and Information
  • 06-06: Measuring the Benefits of Implementing Asset Management Systems and Tools
  • 06-07: Guidelines for Benefit-Cost Analysis of Bicycle Facilities: Refining Methods for Estimating the Effect of Bicycle Infrastructure on Use and Property Value
  • 06-08: An Asset Management Approach for Drainage Infrastructure and Culverts
  • 06-09: Upper Midwest Freight Corridor Study-Phase II
  • 06-10: COMPASS 2005 Data Analysis and Reporting
  • 06-11: Library Connectivity Pooled Fund Administrative and Marketing Services

Year 7 Research Projects:

  • 07-01: Development of Regional Pavement Performance Database for Validation and Local Calibration of the Prediction Models Used in the New AASHTO Pavement Design Guide
  • 07-02: Community Maps Prototype Project
  • 07-03: A Wisconsin Evaluation of a Tool to Estimate the Economic Development Benefits of Highway Projects
  • 07-04: Frozen Road Operation Improvements
  • 07-05: Measuring Access to Public Transportation Service
  • 07-06: Developing the Emerging Development Pressure Index for Wisconsin
  • 07-07: Activity-Based Travel-Demand Analysis for Metropolitan Areas in Texas: CEMDAP Models, Framework, Software Architecture and Application Results
  • 07-08: Corrosion Protection Performance of Epoxy – Coated Reinforcing Bars
  • 07-09: Asset Management and Metropolitan Planning Organizations
  • 07-10: Optimal Investment Decision-Making For Highway Transportation Asset Management Under Risk And Uncertainty
  • 07-11: Database Development for a Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement Performance Analysis System
  • 07-12: Cost per Mile for Routine Highway Operations and Maintenance
  • 07-13: Field Performance of Concrete Deck and Crack Sealers
  • 07-14: Guidelines for the Preventative Maintenance of Bridges
  • 07-15: Use of Trenchless Technologies for a Comprehensive Asset Management of Culverts and Drainage Structures

Year 8 Research Projects:

  • 08-01: COMPASS 2006-2007
  • 08-02: Managing Wisconsin’s Freight System by Rehabilitation and Strengthening of Timber Bridges with Composite Materials
  • 08-03: Benefit-Cost Analysis Framework for Evaluating Inter-City Transit Investment
  • 08-04: Strategies for Appropriately Allocating Risk on Transportation Projects
  • 08-05: Methods for Implementing Innovative Transportation Project Delivery Systems
  • 08-06: A Methodology for Integrating Roadway Safety Hardware Management into the Overall Highway Asset Management Program
  • 08-07: Guidelines for the Implementation of a Bridge Health Index
  • 08-08: Materials Characterization and Analysis of the Marquette Interchange Project
  • 08-09: Use of AVL Technology to Optimize Transit Service Restoration Strategies
  • 08-10: Scoping Data Access and Integration Needs to Facilitate Better Management of Research Innovation
  • 08-11: Rethinking Bridge Deck Longevity and Maintenance with Portland Cement Polymer Concrete
  • 08-12: Community Maps Pilot Project – Phase II
  • 08-13: Managing State & Local Transportation Assets: A Short Course Offered via Distance
  • 08-14: Traffic Operations Asset Management Systems
  • 08-15: Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange 2