Evaluation of Near-Transportation Private Sector Asset Management Practices

Available Documents
Project Report

Primary Investigator
Sue McNeil
Urban Transportation Center
University of Illinois at Chicago
412 South Peoria St, Suite 340
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 996 9818
(312) 413 0006 fax

Project Objective
The proposed research will develop four to six case studies documenting asset management in transportation-like organizations. The transportation-like organizations are defined as those organizations with many characteristics in common with transportation agencies. Building on previous and ongoing research, a template for developing the case studies will be developed, a prototype case study completed and documented, the template modified and the remaining case studies completed. On-site interviews, written materials including reports, and web-based
resources will be used to develop a comprehensive picture of the role of asset management in the specific organization and to infer how in general the specific organization compares with the industry that it represents. Based on a synthesis of the case studies, lessons learned will be identified.

Project Abstract
The transportation community can learn from the transportation asset management best practices of non-governmental near-transportation industries. These companies have been applying asset management principles to their operations for years to increase profitability, better manage activities, and in order to plan for long-term growth. Such activities are vital to the development of a governmental organization asset management policy as well. Utilities, trucking companies, airlines, and manufacturing organizations have utilized asset management techniques and principles for some time. Many of these organizations face issues and have needs that are very similar to governmental transportation agencies. Utilities must maintain both the physical integrity and the service characteristics of complex linear facilities. Trucking companies must maintain large fleets as well as physical plants. Manufacturers have characteristics of both of the earlier examples.

Task Descriptions

  1. Task 1 – Review literature
  2. Task 2 – Develop template for case studies
  3. Task 3 – Prototype case study
  4. Task 4 – Select other case studies
  5. Task 5 – Revise the template for the case studies.
  6. Task 6 – Complete case studies
  7. Task 7- Synthesis of case studies

Relationship to Other Research Projects
This project will relate to the findings of the national synthesis of transportation asset management activities (01-01).

Technology Transfer Activities
Project report will be posted MRUTC website and distributed to organizations. Preliminary results will be presented at the 4th National Transportation Asset Management Workshop in September 2001.

Potential Benefits of the Project
This project will present opportunities that states may use to implement transportation asset management. It is expected that this research will produce both strategies for implementation and actual case studies.

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: Project Start Date: 7/1/01, Final report by 3/31/02
  • Yearly Budget: $75,820 Total Budget: $75,820
  • Student Involvement: 1 Graduate Research Assistant, 9 months @ 50% Effort
  • TRB Keywords: Asset Management, Infrastructure, Maintenance Management, Strategic Planning.
  • Primary Subject: Transportation Asset Management Activities
  • Modal Orientation: All, primarily highways
  • Project Number: 01-02