Best Practices for linking strategic planning to resource allocation and implementation decisions using elements of a transportation asset management program

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Primary Investigators
Dr. Anthony Pagano
Associate Professor
University of Illinois at Chicago
2218 University Hall (MC 243)
Chicago, IL 60607

Dr. Sue McNeil
Director Urban Transportation Center
University of Illinois at Chicago
412 South Peoria St, Suite 340
Chicago, IL 60607
(312) 996 9818

Project Objective
This research will facilitate and integrate the successful strategic planning and performance measurements found in DOT asset management programs. The project will develop a summary of best practices for strategic planning and recommendations of metrics to use in evaluating the performance of strategic planning efforts. The end result will be a guidebook with a model process, guidelines, and performance metrics.

Project Abstract
In the past, strategic plans were commonly focused on process management, with each DOT prioritizing individual goals and objectives. There are also an increasing number of stakeholders with varied goals and objectives in the strategic planning process. Regional projects and common asset management issues were not measured or managed with common metrics leading to inconsistent implementation. It is noted that there is no common definition of asset management variables or expense categories. In order to maximize performance and customer satisfaction, a common measurement system is necessary.

Most state DOTs are taking innovative approaches to strengthen their capacity for strategic leadership and performance measurement. In this area, no standard solutions or measurements apply. Nevertheless, it is possible to develop some guiding principles from the DOT experience to date regarding the development and use of leading edge strategic management systems.

The research will build on past and ongoing work and also assemble a set of tools based on experiences and best practices in a diverse set of states. To accomplish this, literature will be reviewed as well as a survey of practices in each state DOT that will explore, document and synthesize both strategic planning processes and products. With input from an expert advisory panel, states will be selected for detailed analysis. From this analysis, a synthesis of best practices will be prepared as well as a model strategic planning process that incorporates principles of asset management.

Task Descriptions

  1. Task 1 – Review literature
  2. Task 2 – Survey 50 State DOTs
  3. Task 3 – Summarize State Activities
  4. Task 4 – Convene Expert Panel
  5. Task 5 – In-Depth Analysis of Five to Seven State DOTs
  6. Task 6 – Case Analysis of Each Chosen DOTs
  7. Task 7 – Develop Preliminary Synthesis of Best Practices
  8. Task 8 – Convene Expert Panel
  9. Task 9 – Develop Model Process and Set of Guidelines
  10. Task 10 – Communicate the Findings of the Research

Relationship to Other Research Projects
Not related to existing MRUTC research projects – research is in response to RFP issued Summer 2001

Technology Transfer Activities
Case studies will be developed for use in graduate infrastructure and asset management programs. Articles will be prepared documenting the findings of this project and released to publications. Public education and outreach will be developed to illustrate the connection between asset management and strategic planning in state DOTs. Finally, other deliverable include a summary of best practices, synthesis of metrics, recommendations on metrics, summary of factors to explain success, models and guidelines, and a final report. This information will be incorporated into a guidebook for practitioners.

Potential Benefits of the Project
This project will produce many deliverable that will assist practitioners in the field with strategic planning as well as materials for use in the academic environment. The project outcome will establish common metrics and benchmarks for DOT performance evaluation.

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: Project Start Date: September 1, 2001, End Date: August 31, 2002
  • Total Budget: $264,298.10
  • Student Involvement: Two graduate research assistants and two student hourly employees. Students will complete surveying in Task 2.
  • TRB Keywords: Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Strategic Planning
  • Modal Orientation: All, primarily highways
  • Project Number: 02-05