Capital Preventative Maintenance

Available Documents
Project Report

Primary Investigator
Robert J. Eger III
Assistant Professor
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Master of Public Administration Program
P.O. Box 413
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(414) 229 5010
(414) 229 5021 fax

Project Objective
This project will document budgeting and programming processes and strategies, contractual processes and relationships with the private sector, use and structure of life cycle analysis, relevant outreach and educational activities as they impact capital preventative maintenance.

Project Abstract
The proposed research will build on the initial base work set down in the Strategic Highway
Research Program (SHRP) defining and discussing the continuum between capital, preventative and routine maintenance of assets. The focus will include capital maintenance, documenting analytic methods, budgeting strategies, legal and institutional issues, and a brief focus on strategies as formulated in design-build-maintain-warranty systems. Complimenting this will be a summary and detailed review of at least three cold weather states’ strategies including strategies relevant to budgeting, programming, and contractual processes within a set of institutional constraints, the use of life cycle analysis, and any relevant educational and outreach activities offered by these DOTs.

Task Descriptions

  1. Task 1 – Literature Review
  2. Task 2 – Case Study Reviews
  3. Task 3 – Documentation of Costs-Benefits
  4. Task 4 – Review of Potential Benefits from Private Sector Relations
  5. Task 5 – Capital Budgeting Strategies
  6. Task 6 – Synthesis of Legal and Institutional Barriers
  7. Task 7 – Summary of Existing State DOT Practices
  8. Task 8 – Synthesis of Findings and Guidebook Preparation

Relationship to Other Research Projects
While related research was not explicitly identified in the workplan it is anticipated that the efforts of this research will be informed by existing and previous efforts either directly or indirectly related to this research project. This research will include a comprehensive literature review of the following publications: Textbooks, publications, and conference proceedings on preventative maintenance; TRB publications and case studies; Transportation Journal; Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering; International Journal of Quality and Reliability Management; and Public agency resource materials (AASHTO, SHRP, NCHRP).

Technology Transfer Activities
Development of a guidebook for both the technical and the political-administrative
reader to enhance their awareness of capital preventative maintenance. The guidebook
will illustrate how the implementation of key concepts and processes could
dramatically impact public sector agencies in their use of capital preventative

Potential Benefits of the Project
The case studies approach of this project will allow for the development of a
representational role of preventative maintenance in the specific organization thereby
permitting an opportunity to provide useful information to state DOT program
development personnel. The comparative differences and similarities will be
documented and identified.

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: Start Date: May 2002; End Date: May 2003
  • Yearly Budget: $111,664.16, Total Budget: $ 111,664.16, Matching Funds & %: $11,753.00 – 11%, Match Source: UW-Milwaukee
  • Student Involvement: 1 Doctoral Student
  • TRB Keywords: capital expenditures, capital investments, preventative maintenance, maintenance, budgeting, business practices, contracting, programming
  • Modal Orientation: Highways
  • Project Number: 03-01