Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange – Synthesis of Measures

Available Documents
Quarterly Report March 2005
Quarterly Report June 2005

Final Report
Research Summary
Final Summary Presentation

Primary Investigator
Teresa Adams
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
2204 Engineering Hall / 1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262 5318
(608) 265 9860 fax

Project Objective
This project will compile and present the current practices used by states in development and operation of their maintenance quality assurance programs. A synthesis of best practices, lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid will be complied from the dialogue and group sessions from the National Maintenance Quality Assurance Peer Exchange in Madison, WI in October 2004. The synthesis should identify progress made by states towards development of the recommended actions from the National Workshop on Commonly Recognized Measures held in Scottsdale, AZ in June 2000 and address the

  • Are there any measures that are common amongst the states?
  • What are the best practices in developing a QA program?
  • Can states reach consensus on use of common measures?
  • Is there research that needs to be conducted to support developing QA programs?

Task Descriptions

  1. Compile Materials and collect other Information.
    Materials will be collected from participating states and will be categorized, identifying commonalities and differences.
  2. Prepare Synthesis Document.
    A synthesis summary will be prepared detailing successful experiences.
  3. Update Website Materials Library.
    The staff and students of the MRUTC will maintain and further develop the Materials Library on the Center’s Website.
  4. Reporting.
    On a quarterly basis, progress reports will be submitted. At project completion, a final report will be generated and distributed to each participant state in the Transportation Asset Management Pooled Fund Research Program. The same material will be available to other states electronically.

Relationship to Other Research Projects
NCHRP Project 20-24(20), titled Strategic Performance Measures for State Departments of Transportation: A Handbook for CEOs and Executives, shows that the process of measuring is almost as important as the measures themselves. NCHRP Project 20-24(37), Strategic Performance Measures for State Departments of Transportation: Benchmarking Performance, proposes to develop a core set of strategic measures that can be used as a framework to monitor performance at the State level

Potential Benefits of the Project
The Synthesis document from the MQA Peer Exchange will provide participants with the current state of the practice and the foundation for building successful programs.

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: Project Start Date: 10/1/04, Final report by 6/30/05
  • Budget: $20,000
  • Student Involvement: 1 9 month Graduate student assistant
  • TRB Keywords: Asset Management, Infrastructure, Maintenance Management, Performance Measures
  • Primary Subject: Maintenance Quality Assurance, Performance Measurement
  • Modal Orientation: All, primarily highways
  • Project ID: 06-01