Compass 2005 Data Analysis and Reporting

Available Documents
Final Report
Executive Report
Operational Report

Primary Investigator
Teresa Adams, Director
Midwest Regional University Transportation Center
1415 Engineering Drive
2205 Engineering Hall
Madison, WI 53706

Project Objective
The scope of work includes providing services to analyze and report performance and outcome data on signs, pavement, shoulders, roadsides, drainage, and traffic. The project deliverables include the 2005 Compass Executive Overview and Operational Reports and statistical analysis of backlog. The 2004 Compass reports will be used as a model for the 2005 reports.

Project Abstract
Specifically, the project has the following objectives:

§ Data reduction and preparation of data tables and figures to be included in 2 reports:

  • Compass Wisconsin State Highway 2005 Maintenance, Traffic, and Operations Conditions Executive Overview Report
  • Compass Wisconsin State Highway 2005 Maintenance, Traffic, and Operations Conditions Operational Report on:
  1. Shoulders, roadsides, drainage, traffic features (field review data)
  2. Signs (SIMS database)
  3. Pavement (pavement van data)

§ Develop a transition plan for moving the Compass reporting from the District-level to the Region-level. It is anticipated that the 2005 Compass Report will present and discuss maintenance quality for 2005 following the district level organization as done in previous years. For new measures, i.e. bridges, information will be presented at the region level. The project team will determine issues or obstacles that may arise due to the new region-level organization.

Task Descriptions

  1. Task 1-Prepare Detailed Work Plan and Schedule
  2. Task 2- Meeting with BHO staff on Field Review Data
  3. Task 3-Draft Compass 2005 Report on Winter
  4. Task 4-Draft Compass 2005 Report on Bridges
  5. Task 5-Draft Compass 2005 Report on Pavements
  6. Task 6- Draft Compass 2005 Report on Signs
  7. Task 7. Compute Performance Measures for 2005 Field Review (Shoulders, Drainage, Roadsides and Traffic)
  8. Task 8- Statistical Analysis of % Backlog – Field Review (Shoulders, Drainage, Roadsides and Traffic) and Pavement Deficiencies
  9. Task 9- Prepare Final Versions of Compass 2005 Executive Overview and Operational Reports

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: The project starts September 1, 2005 and ends August 31, 2006. Duration is 12 months
  • Budget: $80,050, Matching Funds & %: $80,050 (Wisconsin Department of Transportation)
  • Student Involvement: 9 month Project Assistant Graduate student will be working on this project under supervision of principal investigator.
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: 06-10