Measuring Access to Public Transportation Services

Available Documents
Final Report

Primary Investigator
Jessica Guo
Civil and Environmental Engineering
1206 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Project Objective
To formulate GIS-based methods to measure transit accessibility in urban areas for fixed-route systems. These methods will be packaged into a software program for use by TxDOT and other transportation agencies to design transit systems that provide maximum access to transit and the equitable distribution of accessible transit service.

Project Abstract
Public Transportation service providers are faced with the challenge of increasing the ridership of customers that may have a choice of transportation options while ensuring that customers dependent on public transportation have access to essential activities. Relevant research has been completed to provide an Urban Accessibility Index using companion TransCAD-based software capable of displaying aggregate access attributes based on the highway mode. Using this preliminary research, this project would focus on access issues in public transportation services and how the equitable distribution of public transportation services can be approached using GIS and modeling techniques.

Task Descriptions

  1. Develop software to compute transit accessibility and dependence measures.
  2. Conduct transit accessibility analysis for the three study areas in Texas.
  3. Make revisions to the TransCAD platform based on application experience.
  4. Prepare final report and user’s guide.
  5. Conduct a training workshop and a presentation in the use of the software platform.

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: Duration: 8 months (January 1 to August 31, 2006)
  • Budget: $15,000
  • Student Involvement One undergraduate student
  • Modal Orientation: Transit
  • Project ID: 07-05