Database Development for a HMA-based Pavement Performance Analysis System

Available Documents
Quarterly Report December 2006
Quarterly Report March 2007
Quarterly Report June 2007
Quarterly Report September 2007
Quarterly Report December 2007
Quarterly Report March 2008
Final Report

Primary Investigator
Robert L. Schmitt
University of Wisconsin-Platteville
1 University Plaza
Platteville, WI 53818-3099
(608) 342 1566

Project Objective
The first objective of this project is to develop a database template, using the existing WisDOT pavement management system, from which to perform pavement performance analysis using design, construction, traffic, environmental, and performance data for hot-mix asphaltic pavements. The second objective of this project is to investigate appropriate numerical or statistical methods that have the potential of quantifying and establishing relationships between design, construction, traffic, environmental, and performance data.

Project Abstract
In-situ pavement performance can be considered a response variable to many project input variables, such as design (i.e., , base type, soil support value, etc.), construction (i.e., selected materials, deviation from targets, etc.), and both environmental and traffic loading effects. If WisDOT and Industry are to fully understand and realize the true components of in-situ pavement performance, and specify the necessary inputs through design and construction specifications to achieve that performance, quantitative relationships must be developed between the input variables and response variables through a scientific, fully-integrated pavement performance analysis system. System components are already in-place, such as Meta Manager traffic data and Pavement Distress Index data, however, research is necessary to fully integrate the system and develop quantitative methods to understand the inter-relations of system components. The purpose of this project is to develop a comprehensive and fully-integrated data acquisition, modeling, and analysis system to quantify the relationship between design, construction, environmental, and traffic inputs, and the resulting in-situ pavement performance output.

Task Descriptions

  1. Literature Review
  2. Survey and Review of Pavement Management Systems
  3. Database System Development
  4. Numerical Modeling and Statistical Analysis
  5. Final Report

Primary Information

  • Milestones, Dates: 12 months; November 16, 2006 — November 16, 2007; Extended to: December 31, 2007
  • Budget: $50,000
  • Student Involvement: Research Assistants; surveys and Geographic Information Systems
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: 07-11