Methods for Implementing Innovative Transportation Project Delivery Systems

Available Documents
Quarterly Report June 2007
Quarterly Report September 2007
Quarterly Report December 2007
Quarterly Report March 2008
Quarterly Report June 2008
Final Report

Primary Investigator
Awad Hanna
University of Wisconsin-Madison
2314 Engineering Hall
1415 Engineering Drive
Madison, WI 53706

Project Objective
The project has several objectives including:

  1. Assess the effect of D-B, CM@R and other contracting on project quality, cost, and timeliness on government agency transportation improvement programs;
  2. Recommend the appropriate level of design for D-B, CM@R and other types of procurements;
  3. Assess the impact of D-B, CM@R and other contracting variations on small businesses;
  4. Assess the potential subjectivity used in D-B, CM@R and other contracting;
  5. Recommend actions and changes that government agencies can introduce to start initiation of D-B, CM@R and other methods; and
  6. Identify barriers to implementation and offer suggestions on how to overcome project delivery issues.

Project Abstract
The project will investigate how government transportation agencies can move forward with non-traditional delivery systems such as Design-Build (D-B), Construction Manager at Risk (CM@R) or other innovative methods while maximizing quality, minimizing cost and accelerating delivery times. Depending on the complexity of the project, D-B, CM@R and other project delivery methods have realized significant savings related to schedule while maintaining appropriate quality standards. D-B methods have proven effective on straight forward projects, while CM@R and other variations have been used on unique, one of a kind, complex projects that require a contractor’s perspective on construction methods during preliminary plan development.

Task Descriptions

  1. National Best Practices Scan
    • A. Literature Search
    • Survey
    • One-on-One Interviews
    • Site Visits
  2. Government Agency Guidance on Innovative Project Delivery Methods
    • Planning and Programming
    • Prof. and Construction Services Selection
    • Industry Perspectives
    • Oversight and Quality Control

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: 15 months; April 1, 2007– June 30, 2008
  • Budget: $49,948
  • Student Involvement: One graduate student
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: 08-05