Community Maps Pilot Project – Phase II

Available Documents
Quarterly Report March 2008
Quarterly Report June 2008

Primary Investigator
Teresa Adams, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1415 Engineering Drive, 2205 EH
Madison, WI 53706

Project Objective
This project addresses the need to provide local users, decision-makers, and the broader highway safety community, with access to data required for highway safety program planning and resource allocation.

Project Abstract
Each Wisconsin county has a Traffic Safety Commission, with representation from the Highway and Sheriff’s Departments. At quarterly meetings, they review the crash summary of fatalities, injuries, and reported property damages – usually presented on three hard-copy ‘spot maps’. Using a Google-API based online interface, authorized users – whether internal or external – will be able to enter and plot selected data from the MV4000 WI Motor Vehicle Accident Report. Easy-to-use web-based spot maps could incorporate additional data including locally tracked crash safety factors, traffic counts, pavement conditions, and crash history. More detailed maps, and the ablility to work with them in-house, may make it easier for local decision-makers to identify ‘accident prone’ road segments and appropriate safety improvements.

Task Descriptions
TOPS Lab will hire and supervise a student hourly programmer for the duration of the project. TOPS Lab will provide technical oversight of the software development process. UTC will provide office space for the student hourly programmer. The Community Maps project will be developed as a component of the TOPS Lab WisTransPortal Hub. TOPS/UTC will coordinate with SWWRPC to identify selected partners (municipalities, county safety commissions, etc.) in the 5-county region to pilot test and provide feedback on the Web-Bsed tools that will be furthered during this development phase. It is expected that the project team (consisting of TOPS and SWWRPC project staff) will meet on a weekly basis at TOPS Lab to review the software devolopment and data integration process. In addition, TOPS and SWWRPC will meet once a month to coordiate on project management.

Project Information

  • Milestones, Dates: 12.5 months; project end 9/30/08
  • Budget: $15,700
  • Student Involvement: One undergraduate student
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: 08-12