Managing State and Local Transportation Asset: A Short Course Offered via Distance

Available Documents
Quarterly Report December 2007
Quarterly Report March 2008
Quarterly Report June 2008
Final Report

Primary Investigator
Phillip O’Leary, Ph.D.
Department of Engineering Professional Development
University of Wisconsin-Madison
432 North Lake Street, Room 709
Madison, WI 53706

Project Objective

  • To develop a course that will provide in-depth information on how to implement an effective Transportation Asset Management program.
  • To design this course to be delivered via distance learning.

Project Abstract
Managing transportation assets in today’s environment has become a more complex and critical function than ever before. While confronted with increasing regulatory and financial challenges, state and local agencies attempt to effectively maintain existing facilities while planning for expanded ones. Many try to do this without an effective, long range strategy. Having such a strategy would provide them with guidance to make the difficult decisions to determine where and when to invest public funds in transportation. Making these decisions effectively requires an understanding of the tools and techniques that are available to collect and analyze data, define and monitor progress towards achieving system goals, evaluate alternative investment options, and clearly communicate existing conditions and alternatives.

Without access to asset management training, state and local agencies will find it difficult to manage their transportation assets in a strategic and cost-effective manner. State and local transportation professionals responsible for managing structures and facilities need to be skilled at using the avialable asset management tools as well as understanding how to implement and managea comprehensive transportation asset management program. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult for mid-level managers to take time away from their jobs or to get funding to travel to a continuing education program.

Task Descriptions

  1. Prepare a sample course outline
  2. Develop a survey for state and local agencies to determine their specific training needs in asset management
  3. Conduct structured interviews with a number of selected DOTs and local government officials
  4. Evaluate the findings from surveys and interviews
  5. Prepare a revised course curriculum, incorporating the results of our research
  6. Identify, edit, and put course materials into appropriate format for distance deliver
  7. Prepare and present an initial offering to a preselected audience
  8. Evaluate initial course performance and revise organization and content accordingly
  9. Market the course to DOTs and local agencies
  10. Conduct the course via distance
  11. Make this course available to all state and local transportation agencies

Project Information

  • Duration, Dates: 12 months; project end 8/31/08
  • Budget: $32,865
  • Student Involvement: One undergraduate student
  • Modal Orientation: Highway
  • Project ID: 08-13