Voucher Codes For Pet-Friendly Hotels in Milwaukee

the top pet friendly hotels in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Where You and Yours Pets Can Rest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Recently, I was travelling through Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my cats. Much like when someone travels with other animals, travelling with cats requires the use of pet-friendly hotels in which to stay. Not being at all familiar with Wisconsin or Milwaukee, I took to the internet to find the hotels in and around the city.

Voucher Codes:

We considered adding some voucher codes for these hotels, but the problem is: these codes expire. They’re good for a week, or even just a couple of days. So we’ve decided to feature a professional voucher code website that updates their codes (it’s their job!).

I wanted to find a place that wouldn’t just be someplace to sleep. I sought out a hotel that had someplace to relax and eat if not on-site, then near, a minimal pet deposit (if any), and preferably someplace for the kids to run off their steam after being in a car all day.

1. Best Western (3 Locations)

Best Western has three hotels in the area, so there is a wide variety of locations to choose from depending on your needs. All Best Western locations are pet-friendly regardless of if you’re travelling with dogs, cats, birds, or anything in between. They only ask that you let them know ahead of time if you’re travelling with your furry friends and they don’t require an extra pet-deposit. All locations also offer a free breakfast bar, excellent accommodations, and great rewards programs.

While many Best Westerns do not have on-site restaurants, they are typically close to nearby eateries and their staff is always helpful when it comes to delivery or in-house options if you don’t want to go back out.


2. Aloft

Aloft is a hotel that not only offers pet-friendly accommodations but provides a doggy bag of treats for all dogs that stay with their owners. Conveniently located in the downtown area, Aloft offers plenty of amenities that work within even a tight budget. With up to date designs, comfortable beds, free wi-fi, and a 24-hour gym, it’s hard to turn down what Aloft has to offer.

If you’re travelling to the city to visit take in the sites, Aloft is the definitive choice. But if you’re just passing through the city, Aloft is not the most convenient option.

Website: Marriott.com

3. Kimpton Journeyman Hotel

Kimpton Journeyman hotel in Milwaukee

In the historic third ward of the city, the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel offers comfortable accommodations for a higher price. They’re a pet-friendly establishment with no limit on the furry friends that you keep with you in your room. The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel also offers some of the best restaurant dining in the city, as well as unprecedented elegance.

Not only does the Kimpton Journeyman Hotel offer a wine hour each night, but they have a 24-hour fitness centre, a full bar, electric vehicle charging ports, and a yoga mat in every room.

While the Kimpton is the most expensive option on the list when adding the non-refundable pet deposits of other options, it’s actually quite budget-friendly.

4. The Iron Horse Hotel

hotel voucher codes

The Iron Horse Hotel is the first on the list to charge a nightly pet fee of $75 that is non-refundable. While they do this, they do offer a full menu of specially crafted treats for your animal companions. They limit guests to two dogs per room. That said, the Iron Horse Hotel also offers on-site massage, a 24-hour fitness centre, a convenient location, and some great dining.

5. Hilton

The second hotel chain to make it to the list, the Hilton in Milwaukee is an excellent hotel that charges a $50 per pet fee for your stay and limits you to 2 per room. They offer a modest breakfast bar in the morning and all the amenities that one can come to expect from Hilton. The Hilton rewards program is also an excellent way for the budget-friendly traveller to take advantage of savings when staying with the chain.

I personally went with Best Western. Their rewards program is excellent (offering a free stay every 5 and tiered cumulative rewards)and their locations around the United States are varied enough to where it won’t be another forgotten program. Without having to pay a pet-deposit, and with all that Best Western has to offer, they are simply the best deal around for those that like to travel with their animal companions. Plus, who can say no to fresh biscuits and gravy each morning?

I certainly can’t.

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