Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin

Did you know that there are more than 25,000 miles of Wisconsin snowmobile trails? Winter in the state of Wisconsin is synonymous with snowmobiling, and we are also home to the Eagle River snowmobile derby & championships. You can find an extensive list of Wisconsin snowmobile trail maps & the trail system on the TrailLink website, and current trail conditions on the Travel Wisconsin website’s snow report section – both of which I will link below. Today I’ll cover some trail safety information, as well as some popular snowmobile trails including Bearskin State Trail.

Snowmobile Trail Safety

Before you head out, always check the trail maps to make sure you know where the snowmobiling trails can be accessed. Parts of …

The Best Restaurants Near Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells

Located in the heart of the Wisconsin Dells resort area in Baraboo (south of Lake Delton), the Great Wolf Lodge & Indoor Water Park is one of the more popular places to vacation with the family. Kids gotta eat (so do adults, to be fair), so you might be wondering what the best family-friendly dining options around Great Wolf Lodge are. Never fear, I’ve gathered the best restaurants near Great Wolf Lodge Wisconsin Dells Baraboo that will satisfy even the pickiest toddlers. These are my own reviews, but I also took a peek at TripAdvisor to make sure that my experience wasn’t atypical and most others agreed with my assessment of each restaurant.

Lodge Wood Fired Grill

Located right at …

What is Wisconsin known for?

Some folks seem to have the impression that not much goes on in the state of Wisconsin and that it’s just kind of ‘there’. That’s simply not true! Known as “America’s Dairyland,” Wisconsin is a state with a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and plenty of unique attractions that draw in visitors from all over the world. Let’s dive into some of the things that make Wisconsin so special, and we’ll also go over how to use Expedia coupon codes so that you can get a great deal on visiting this amazing state!

Wisconsin is probably best known for is its cheese. From squeaky fresh cheese curds to aged cheddars and artisanal varieties, Wisconsin produces more cheese than any other …

Voucher Codes For Pet-Friendly Hotels in Milwaukee

Where You and Yours Pets Can Rest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Recently, I was travelling through Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my cats. Much like when someone travels with other animals, travelling with cats requires the use of pet-friendly hotels in which to stay. Not being at all familiar with Wisconsin or Milwaukee, I took to the internet to find the hotels in and around the city.

Voucher Codes:

We considered adding some voucher codes for these hotels, but the problem is: these codes expire. They’re good for a week, or even just a couple of days. So we’ve decided to feature a professional voucher code website that updates their codes (it’s their job!).

I wanted to find a place that wouldn’t just …

Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center – Coupons To Save on Your Visit

This is going to help you save money on your visit while you are at the Central Wisconsin Convention. It will include hotel coupons, flight deals, sharing hotel rooms, many more.

1. The First tip will be hotel coupons.

One way to save money is to look for a hotel coupon website to find cheap hotel rooms for your stay while attending the Central Wisconsin Convention. You find decent rooms that aren’t in a bad area for a decently priced to help you save some money. Like one hotel coupon website is Some have deals that if you use them, they will give you one night free stay at a hotel of your choice.

2. Second tip is flight

How Many Stories is the Point of No Return Waterslide Have?

The Point of No Return Thrill-Slide at Noah’s Ark Waterpark:

If you’re traveling to the Wisconsin Dells you absolutely have to check out the Noah’s Ark water park, and in particular, the Point of No Return water slide. It is a massive size, has a great history, it’s a great time for thrill seekers, and let’s answer why it’s a premier destination for water lovers?

Noah’s Ark Water Park

While the Point of No Return is a great addition, and one of the biggest attractions of this water park, Noah’s Ark Water Park at the Wisconsin Dells is a premier destination for anyone who loves the water. This place bodes more than just the Point of No Return, but it …

How Many Lakes Does Wisconsin Have?

When a person plans a vacation, a lot of times they want to relax, have fun and learn something new. Now if a person plans a trip to Wisconsin, they certainly need to leave time to visit some of the great and majestic lakes that they have there.

For example most people probably did not know that Wisconsin home to over 15,000 lakes. Now that is a lot no matter how you look at it.

The State Borders Two Great Lakes.

Now for people who love geography and history, they would be very interested to know that both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan both fall within their area. As most geography majors can tell you there are four great Lakes, …

50 Cool Things to do in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a beautiful state with a great amount of activities to enjoy with your family. There are many free events throughout the year for children of all ages, and you are bound to find interesting and interactive activities to do during your family vacation to Wisconsin.

1. Lost Canyon Tour

top things to do in wisconsin

Located in the Wisconsin Dells, the Lost Canyon Tour gives visitors a unique look at the Dells. This kid-friendly activity starts by boarding a horse-drawn wagon that is manned by a driver who engages the crowd throughout the tour.

2. Cranberry Festival

The Cranberry Festival is held each year in Warrens, Wisconsin. This festival has a parade for the children, arts and crafts, and cranberry harvest tours.

Hotwire Coupon Codes To Help You See Some Amazing Waterfalls.

Go Hiking to See Wisconsin’s Magnificent Waterfalls  

Summer and fall are to perfect times to go hiking to enjoy amazing Wisconsin weather. If you’re trying to decide where to hike, why not take a trail that includes scenic views of at least one waterfall? The beauty of these Wisconsin waterfalls rewards your effort to see them.

Hotwire’s Coupons For Things to Do:

Seeing these waterfalls after a long hike is great, but you may want a tour guide to help you along the way. There are many tour guides based out of Milwaukee and/or surrounding areas that are recommended by Hotwire.

But what about the cost? Well, that’s where we wanted to do something extra special for you. We found this …