Hotels Near the Wisconsin State Fair

If you’re making the trip in to the Wisconsin State Fair Park West Allis (not to be confused with the Central or Northern Wisconsin State Fairs) and don’t relish making a long drive home the same day, you might be wondering which hotels are closest to the Wisconsin State fairgrounds. While there isn’t anything quite as fancy as the Mount Olympus Hotel Wisconsin Dells nearby (see my last post on waterparks in the Wisconsin Dells), there are plenty of other good options. I’m basing these choices on my own personal experiences as well as online reviews and benefits and amenities each hotel has such as free wifi, breakfast, parking, star rating, and miles from the Wisconsin State Fair Park.


Hotels Near the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells

If you have kids (or are a big kid at heart!) then the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark in the Wisconsin Dells area is a fabulous holiday destination. Unless you are lucky enough to live in the area you will need to find a hotel near the Kalahari Indoor Waterpark to stay at after a long day of fun in the water! Never fear, there are many hotels, suites & resorts in the Wisconsin Dells area that are conveniently located near Kalahari. Here are my reviews of some of the best hotels Kalahari is close to.

Best Hotels Near Kalahari Indoor Waterpark

Kalahari Resorts & Conventions, Wisconsin Dells

You can’t get closer to the water park than this! As the name would …

Voucher Codes For Pet-Friendly Hotels in Milwaukee

Where You and Yours Pets Can Rest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Recently, I was travelling through Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my cats. Much like when someone travels with other animals, travelling with cats requires the use of pet-friendly hotels in which to stay. Not being at all familiar with Wisconsin or Milwaukee, I took to the internet to find the hotels in and around the city.

Voucher Codes:

We considered adding some voucher codes for these hotels, but the problem is: these codes expire. They’re good for a week, or even just a couple of days. So we’ve decided to feature a professional voucher code website that updates their codes (it’s their job!).

I wanted to find a place that wouldn’t just …