Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center – Coupons To Save on Your Visit

Wisconsin Convention Center

This is going to help you save money on your visit while you are at the Central Wisconsin Convention. It will include hotel coupons, flight deals, sharing hotel rooms, many more.

1. The First tip will be hotel coupons.

One way to save money is to look for a hotel coupon website to find cheap hotel rooms for your stay while attending the Central Wisconsin Convention. You find decent rooms that aren’t in a bad area for a decently priced to help you save some money. Like one hotel coupon website is hotwire.com. Some have deals that if you use them, they will give you one night free stay at a hotel of your choice.

2. Second tip is flight deals.

There are many of websites that offer flight deals but you have to search the web to find a good deal for a flight. Some deals even add a hotel stay in a bundle which could save you money. Look for a hotels.com discount.

3. Find Coupons For Everything.

Our third tip is try to find a new promo code that covers a few activities. You can coupons that can save you 15% on your bill at a restaurant that you want to go to. Some restaurants have some sort of discount for like senior citizens or military.

4. Share A Hotel Room

Our fourth tip is if you know someone that is going, try to see if they would like to share a room with you that way both of you will end up saving money. Which in the end each one of will have saved some amount of money.

5. Go For a Walk And Enjoy The Outdoors.

Fifth tip is go outdoors and explore the area. Wisconsin has numerous of places that you can explore to experience the way the people of Wisconsin live and you don’t have to spend money to do that so you won’t need a coupon or won’t need any deals.

Sixth tip checkout the local wildlife. Just be careful because some of the wildlife is dangerous so keep your distance. Some you might be able to touch if they don’t run away first. If you are able to touch one still be careful just in case the animal could turn on you. Don’t show fear when touch them so where they don’t turn on you because some can since your fear.

Seventh tip to save money you don’t always have to pay to do things. Go to a local park and walk around. Play basketball on the court or play backyard football. Go site seeing around the city or cities.

Eighth tip try to go to places that don’t cost very much to eat or for the entertainment. Like you don’t have to constantly go to five star restaurants to eat you could go to a fast food restaurant that has cheaper food options. The cheaper options are always the better option if you want to save money but the downside is it may not be the type of food you want.

Ninth tip: plan for the trip before you even leave your house like what you want to do while you are there and how much you want to spend on food/entertainment. By make an itinerary for the whole trip and keep to it. That way you can be in the right place at the right time. So where you won’t miss anything that you want to do or have to do.

Tenth tip pick a date that nobody wants. Which can be hard if you are going for a convention. Just try to get your hotel the day you find out that you have to go to a convention. That way you have your hotel room already before anyone else can get all the good rooms. Hopefully with this tip you will only have to check in when you get there and not haven’t to get a room.

Eleventh tip have your own transportation or keep tabs on how much you spend on the transportation. If you have your own personal vehicle all you have to worry about is fuel. If you are not using your own vehicle you have to worry about fuel and rental fees or have to worry about getting an uber every time you need or have to go somewhere.

Twelveth tip make sure you check the weather to see what type of clothing you will need for the trip. It could cold or it could be warm, you just don’t know what the weather will be like so just pack for the cold and warm that way you don’t have to worry about being cold or getting warm.

Hopefully these tips help you save money on your visit while you are at the Central Wisconsin Convention. It went over hotel coupons, flight deals, sharing hotel rooms, many more. If you go to the convention, hopefully one of the tips will help you on your trip.

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