How Many Lakes Does Wisconsin Have?

A lake in Wisconsin.

When a person plans a vacation, a lot of times they want to relax, have fun and learn something new. Now if a person plans a trip to Wisconsin, they certainly need to leave time to visit some of the great and majestic lakes that they have there.

For example most people probably did not know that Wisconsin home to over 15,000 lakes. Now that is a lot no matter how you look at it.

The State Borders Two Great Lakes.

Now for people who love geography and history, they would be very interested to know that both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan both fall within their area. As most geography majors can tell you there are four great Lakes, Michigan-Huron, Ontario, Superior and Erie; so Wisconsin has two of them.

Which Lake is the Biggest?

Now the biggest out of the 15,000 is Lake Winnebago which is about 30 miles long and 10 miles wide; that is huge. Now a lot of tourist love to stay at the campground there because it offers the best of both worlds. The name of the campground is called Calumet County Park people can camp there and enjoy the great outdoors and still have electricity. Now another popular area to visit is Petenwell Lake. This area kids will love because if they stay long enough they will more then likely see an Eagle dive in the water and catch a fish in it’s mouth. They also have a playground for the kids and a beach where people can go swimming. Of course there are other things to do on the water, like kayaking, fishing, boating, and anything else a person can think of.

Now besides doing things on the water you may be thinking what else can I do while visiting the 23rd largest state in America? Well for starters most people may not know that this state has a huge background in beer making. Now if a person loves beer they have to visit one of the breweries that is located there, and if they are lucky enough, maybe they will get to sample some of the ale made there.

Now if a person loves to fish they can enjoy visiting the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum. Now when the family visits there they have to take a stroll inside the giant muskie. This fish is made of different materials and looks real but what is wonderful to see is the attention to detail that they did on the fish and the size. The fish stands about
4 stories high. They also have a ton of fishing artifacts on display there.

Now if that has not gotten a person excited maybe seeing a legendary football attraction might be a nice way to spend the day. Visting the home of The Green Bay Packers and Lambeau field is something every great football fan would love whether they like the Packers or hate the Packers.

Now for the family after visiting a great Lake they can visit one of the biggest water parks in the United States. Noahs Ark Water Park has over 50 water rides and attractions. Now besides Noahs Ark Water Park, Wisconsin also is home to Mt. Olympus theme park. Now this theme park boasts rides that include a rollercoaster, different go-kart tracks, waterslides, a whirlpool, arcades and other interesting and fun rides for the family.

Now there are two other historical landmarks that are great and people want to see. First and foremost for motorcycle fans, they want to visit the home of the most iconic motorcycle dealers of all time. The Harley Davidson Museum is a tribute to the legendary motorcycle designers of all times. People will be amazed at the exhibits and be fascinated by the information that they will learn. They have an awesome restaurant that everyone will love.

Kids will also love to see the Milwaukee Art Museum. The kids have an area where they can make their own art. There is also a great dining area where they can have some fantastic food. The Museum is also available for rentals so people can rent it out for functions like birthday parties or anniversaries. There is also great exhibits for people to see and look at. All in all as one can see there is tons of things to do, in America’s Dairyland.

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