How Many Stories is the Point of No Return Waterslide Have?

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The Point of No Return Thrill-Slide at Noah’s Ark Waterpark:

If you’re traveling to the Wisconsin Dells you absolutely have to check out the Noah’s Ark water park, and in particular, the Point of No Return water slide. It is a massive size, has a great history, it’s a great time for thrill seekers, and let’s answer why it’s a premier destination for water lovers?

Noah’s Ark Water Park

While the Point of No Return is a great addition, and one of the biggest attractions of this water park, Noah’s Ark Water Park at the Wisconsin Dells is a premier destination for anyone who loves the water. This place bodes more than just the Point of No Return, but it also has other great water park fun like RajaTM, Surfing Safari, Black Anaconda, Scorpion’s Tail, Paradise Lagoon, Time Warp, Big Kahuna, Quadzilla, Adventure River, Flash Flood, Kowabunga, Flying Gecko, 4-D Dive-In Theater, Black Thunder, Sting Ray, Congo Bongo, Monkey Rapids, Brmuda Triangle, The Wave, Endless River, Tadpole Bay, OctoExplorer, Toucan Twisters, Big Kahuna Kiddie Area, Endless River Kiddie Area, and Jumping Waters. Good gracious, this park is massive, around 200 plus acres. So many water rides, and so much space, however, the biggest attraction of the entire park though is the Point of No Return.

Point of No Return Water Ride

The Point of No Return slide is a massive size standing at 100 feet. It’s a whopping 10-stories and an amazing drop down. It is virtually a vertical drop down and is one of the most adrenaline filled water slides in America.

It’s height isn’t the tallest, as other countries hold that record, but at 100 feet high and nearly a straight drop down, there’s no wonder this ride is the main attraction. Sadly, this ride is over within seconds, well 5 to be exact, with a crazy top speed.

History of the Park, & the Point of No Return

The Waterman family bought 200 feet of land off the interstate in the village of Lake Delton, Wisconsin in 1979. The park started with just a boat ride and a go-kart track. In the 80’s the Waterman family added many waterpark rides including:

• Jungle Rapid (1980)
• Miniature Golf (1980)
• Thunder Rapids (1982)
• Paradise Lagoon (1984)
• Toucan twister (1985)
• Endless River (1985)
• The Wave (1987)
• The Bermuda Triangle (1988)
• Monkey Rapids (1989)
• Big Kahuna (1989)
• River Adventure (1989)
• Tank Tag (1989)

From there they had lost some rides, and the Gantz family bought the waterpark in 1994 and have put in even more rides including the Point of No Return. Here’s a list of the rides that were brought in by the Gantz family.

• Congo Bongo (1991)
• Kowabunga (1993)
• OctoExplorer (1994)
• Flying Gecko (1995)
• Black Thunder (1997)
• Flash Flood (1999)
• Point of No Return (2001)
• Sting Ray (2002)
• Black Anaconda (2005)
• Time Warp (2006)
• Noah’s 4-D Dive-In Theater (2007)
• tadpole Bay Kiddie Kingdom (2008)
• Scorpion’s Tail (2010)
• Quadzilla (2012)
• Surfing Safari (2013)
• Raja (2018)

However, in 2012 the Gantz family sold to Palace Entertainment, and there were only 2 new rides since, and they have gotten ride of a lot of rides since 2012. They celebrated 25 years as Noah’s Ark Waterpark in 2003 and are still going strong with only 3 changes in ownership.

Why It’s Fun for Thrill-Seekers

Thrill seekers can ride the Point of No Return ride infinite times and get the same adrenaline. This 10 story, nearly straight drop water slide, is one of the prides of the park. It offers thrill-seekers a heart pounding, adrenaline rushing, pulse raising drop of 10 stories, and its top speed leave the rider at the bottom in around 5 seconds. There is more than just the Point of No Return for thrill-seekers to enjoy as this park also boasts another adrenaline ride in Scorpion’s tail which is also 100 feet high.

Why is This a Premier Destination for Water Lovers?

This water park boasts more than just the Point of No Return. It has various water activities to take part in including kiddie parks, lazy rivers, dive-ins, and so much more than just a thrill-seekers paradise. With many different rides for guest to partake in, they have the opportunity to ride a variety of rides that all offer a different experience. Not to mention the wave pool, the surfing area, and other pool areas that are great for the entire family.


This park boasts a number of things to do including thrill-rides, thrill-slides, water slides, pools, among a list of various other activities that guests can enjoy for the entire day. However, the largest and most popular attraction at the park is the Point of No Return thrill-slide that will have guests’ hearts leap in their throat. This park is an amazing way to spend your summer days, and the park is available at low prices. It’s worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.

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