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Wisconsin waterfalls

Go Hiking to See Wisconsin’s Magnificent Waterfalls  

Summer and fall are to perfect times to go hiking to enjoy amazing Wisconsin weather. If you’re trying to decide where to hike, why not take a trail that includes scenic views of at least one waterfall? The beauty of these Wisconsin waterfalls rewards your effort to see them.

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Marrinette County

There’s a reason this county is known as “Wisconsin’s waterfall capital”. Do you want to visit one waterfall, or would you like to visit fourteen waterfalls! The county offers a map you can use to go on a walking tour of all the various falls, which start near the Menominee River, which is close to Niagara.

The map offers several short and long hikes you can set out on. You can try to see all the falls in one day, or you can split it up into two days.

Falls Along the Amnicon River 

Since the Amnicon River plunges over 200 feet at Amnicon Falls State Park, you’ll find many unnamed Wisconsin waterfalls along the river. However, the park’s stars are Upper Falls and Lower Falls. They both drop about 20 feet, but Lower Falls is wider. An easy 0.75-mile trail gives you access to both falls and to the less visited Snake Pit Falls. From the main parking lot, you can see a covered bridge over the Amnicon River. That’s Horton Bridge. It’s a perfect spot to view Upper Falls and the canyon below Lower Falls. Cross the bridge to the lovely, pine-covered island to get to the waterfall trail. Your leashed dog is welcome to join you.

Copper and Brownstone Falls 

At Copper Falls State Park, you can follow the 1.7-mile Doughboys Nature Trail to see these two Wisconsin waterfalls. On this loop trail from the concession area, your visual treats include scenic views of the Bad River, the Tyler Forks River, cascades, and the falls. The 29-foot Copper Falls has a tiered drop while Brownstone Falls has a steep plunge.

Lost Creek Falls 

Despite the name, getting to the trailhead for Lost Creek Falls isn’t that challenging a drive from nearby Cornucopia. From there, travel on County Road C South to Trail Drive. Continue until you reach the parking area at the trailhead. Follow the moderate 2.2-mile trail to Lost Creek Falls. The area’s seclusion makes this a great hike when you want tranquility to accompany your scenic views. A unique feature of this 15-foot waterfall is you can go behind it. 

Stephens’ Falls 

You have your choice of three distinctive hiking adventures to see Stephens’ Falls at Governor Dodge State Park. For an ultra-easy stroll, you should take the 0.25-mile paved trail to the scenic overlook. If you’re feeling slightly adventurous, try the scenic 0.5-mile Stephens’ Falls Trail. It has stone steps, uneven terrain, views of lush vegetation, and of course, the waterfall. The most challenging way to see Stephens’ Falls is the Lost Canyon Trail, a 3.4-mile loop with steep grades through a wooded area.

Upper and Lower Potato River Falls

This one is a little more off the beaten path for sure. There is both the upper falls and lower falls, although the lower falls are more impressive (and easier to access). Located near Gurney, Wisconsin, these falls are actually close to Copper Mountain falls, so you could probably do both on the same day, if you want. It’s about 12 miles northeast of Copper Falls park, to be exact.

Hopefully, the combination of natural beauty and physical activity have inspired you to try one of these waterfall destination hikes. Just remember to be careful if you’re capturing your waterfall hikes with selfies.

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