Snowmobile Trails in Wisconsin

Did you know that there are more than 25,000 miles of Wisconsin snowmobile trails? Winter in the state of Wisconsin is synonymous with snowmobiling, and we are also home to the Eagle River snowmobile derby & championships. You can find an extensive list of Wisconsin snowmobile trail maps & the trail system on the TrailLink website, and current trail conditions on the Travel Wisconsin website’s snow report section – both of which I will link below. Today I’ll cover some trail safety information, as well as some popular snowmobile trails including Bearskin State Trail.

Snowmobile Trail Safety

Before you head out, always check the trail maps to make sure you know where the snowmobiling trails can be accessed. Parts of a state or county trail may pass through private property, and you don’t want to accidentally trespass. Please note that many trails require that you have a Wisconsin snowmobile trail pass, which is available from the Wisconsin DNR for $30 for snowmobiles registered in Wisconsin, or $10 for Wisconsin snowmobile club members. If your snowmobile is registered in another state then the price is $50.

If you are new to Wisconsin snowmobiling, it’s best to stick to groomed trails so that you don’t end up stuck. Deep snow is not uncommon in Wisconsin winters, but you can find groomed trails listed on the Travel Wisconsin trail conditions page. Trails are typically closed to snowmobiling at the end of March, but it depends on the weather.

Other than that, basic trail and outdoor safety applies. Bring lots of water, snacks, a way to call for help, and dress appropriately for the weather.

Popular Snowmobile Trails Wisconsin

Bearskin State Trail – Minocqua to Heafford Junction
This is a 21.5 mile trail that runs along an old railroad track purchased by the state of Wisconsin in the 1970s. If you want to snowmobile Wisconsin, this trail is a great option. Both trailheads have ample and well-marked parking, the trail is well maintained, and the scenery is peak Wisconsin natural beauty. There aren’t a ton of facilities on the trail, although you can stop at the South Blue Lake rest area in the middle of the trail.

Eagle River Snowmobile Trail #13
We couldn’t not include “The Snowmobile Capitol of the World” on this list! Eagle River has a fantastic snowmobile trail system, and I particularly love Trail #13. If you go at the right time you’ll be able to see the ice castle sculptures from the annual festival. There are a ton of lakes in the Eagle River area, always use extreme caution if you’re going out on the ice.

Three Lakes Snowmobile Trails
If you’ve never been to Three Lakes, it’s quite a charming town. I particularly like to visit around Christmas when downtown is done up in full festive regalia. The local Northern Lights Snowmobile Club is very active, with weekly club rides and plenty of special events. It’s a resort town popular with anglers in the summer, but even in the winter there is plenty to do and see, including some truly great snowmobiling.


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